Horoscopes: 8th-14th June

22 May to 21 June

New Moon in your sign asks you to trust your instincts more, especially in the fortnight ahead. There is much to decide on and, for the most part, listening to your inner voice is advised. The underlying trend is about release from restriction or burden as you seek new ways to stand on your own two feet.

22 June to 23 July

If you fancy testing your telepathic skills, this is the week for it. A partner or associate really is not on the same page as you over one issue. But telling them where to go is not the answer. A moment of insight in you will enable you to understand their concerns and reach for a compromise resolution. Mystic Crab triumphs!

24 July to 23 August

Venus’s passage into Leo at the time of a New Moon is a fabulous omen for all your business and social activities, especially where the force and charm of your personality is a key factor. If you’ve got it (you have), flaunt it. A new development provides a showcase for your skills, and the cosmic message is: go for it!

24 August to 23 September

A great temptation is about to be placed before you: it (or he or she) looks exciting and escapist, and probably is. If you can’t resist, remember these words: enjoy it while it lasts! We all need relief from our cares, and why should you be any different? A short break, a brief romance... what could it be?

24 September to 23 October

A much more social period starts (lasting just over three weeks) as ruler Venus moves into the chart house of friends and organisations, offering respite from any tricky family situation. Get ready for more invites, especially from overseas, and make the most of any opportunity to place a business on a more secure financial footing. You could be in the money.

24 October 24 to 22 November

Love is the theme of your New Moon. Love of another, or of money. Or both. Sometimes we really can get it all if we’re prepared to be flexible and to adapt to different situations. In your case, much material and emotional progress is made by not insisting everything you say must be agreed with. You can learn from an opposing view.

23 November to 21 December

How ready are you to commit, or re-commit, to someone? It could be romantic, but also applies to any agreement or action requiring expert guidance. This is the question in your mind as New Moon draws your focus on analysing the people you’ll be sharing a lot more time with. Trusting requires a deep breath.

22 December to 20 January

It’s entirely possible you’re never wrong, but do you really believe that? To be fair, you are a good judge of people, but right now you are doubting someone’s common sense because their plan doesn’t chime with yours. Advice: critique your own ideas just as rigorously. Peace is then more likely to break out.

21 January to 19 February

The home environment is ripe for your brand of genius – be this to do with the furnishings or family politics. You’re certainly in the mood to shake things up among your familiars, and inspiration arrives via focused thinking under mind planet Mercury. And New Moon marks an excellent time ahead for doing things wonderfully in your own style.

20 February to 20 March

The welfare of other people is emphasised by Venus – it’s only natural for you to see what needs to be done on their behalf. The risk is that you go overboard in your criticism of those seen as responsible for neglect. This is certainly a time for dynamic, compassionate action – just don’t undermine yourself by being seen as a troublemaker.

21 March to 20 April

You and authority are often at loggerheads, and this week is no different. Going to war is one option, but you’re more likely to gain from the acceptance that, for a change, a so-called superior may have something useful to contribute. In happier news, finances improve from a surprising turn of events, enabling you to think about home improvements.

21 April to 21 May

A chance to show off your sparkle in words (whether written or spoken) arises, particularly in pushing new ideas or products. You gain reputationally by getting across a message that’s cutting-edge or bold. And New Moon augurs a new financial phase for you via a business plan or new opportunity: to make the most of this trend, do negotiate, don’t try to dictate.