Horoscopes: 9th-15th March

20 February to 20 March

There’s a last chance (for now) to push for material progress in your career or from your standing in the community. The cosmic hint is to take an independent line that demonstrates undoubted personal initiative but respect for a system or tradition – in other words, don’t frighten the horses (or ‘bosses’!). Inspired thinking will be rewarded. 

21 March to 20 April

Ruler Mars is making hay with the zodiac’s wildest planet, Uranus. This means actions and decisions designed to self- liberate or self-expand have a very good chance of success. Timing is everything and this is the week to shed anyone or anything that resembles dead weight. A little brutal? Perhaps. Nurture the new and bold for fresh impetus. 

21 April to 21 May

A touch of devilment is no bad thing, particularly in the task of spicing up one special relationship. How you go about this is a very personal thing, and the skies don’t want to know about details. But anything that marks a departure from routines, whether in the bedroom or boardroom, will find its moment and an appreciative audience. 

22 May to 21 June

Developments this week remind you of fiscal or emotional responsibilities, which may seem trying and delaying. However, don’t be fooled. Life is just reminding you that to capitalise truly on a wonderful down to you to make the case for this – and there’s good news. You’ll find an authority quite prepared to accommodate you. 

24 July to 23 August

Just as you think you can proceed with a rather juicy plan, tiresome old reality pops up with a niggle. Now, don’t take it personally. No one’s out to get you. It’s a reality check, something you may have overlooked. There’s no need to scupper a dream date, holiday or journey, or to sulk. Do the paperwork and then you can proceed. 

24 August to 23 September

There’s still a little time left to make the most of your horoscope’s cosmic tides and forge ahead with a home move or alteration. This has required a lot of energy, and a readiness to handle some awkward people or situations without throwing the lot of them out of the window. Fortitude and patience are paying off at long last. 

24 September to 23 October

A repeated life theme of late has been an irritating or perverse situation involving friends or loved ones. You’ve asked: What is their problem? A breakthrough in understanding is now imminent, so that even if you still end up thinking that certain individuals are foolish, at least you will know why they are the way they are. That’ll help. 

24 October 24 to 22 November

Scorpio is known as a ‘fixed’ sign which suggests that you’re rather stubborn or inflexible. The truth is far more subtle. You’re perfectly prepared to bend with the wind when you understand the sensible logic behind certain decisions. You can be pragmatic. This week, adapting to a surprise work development benefits you financially. 

23 November to 21 December

From 9 March, ruler Jupiter goes retrograde for four months – aren’t you the lucky one! The reason why is because this gives more time to work out what you really want from a domestic or family situation that may be complex. This is also more time to better understand your own needs as inner transformations require acknowledgement. 

22 December to 20 January

It’s tempting to blame others for some hiccup in a planned change in your domestic or family set-up. But you’re shrewd enough to understand that it’s your own over-developed sense of responsibility that could be the obstruction. Try to be kinder to yourself as you pick your way through the details – you owe yourself a break. 

21 January to 19 February

While it’s not always easy or possible to shut the door on the past (it’s amazing how old acquaintances/exes pop up again) the basic message of your chart is: politely nod at ‘ghosts’ but focus on the new people in your life for the progress you deserve. A group or business appreciates your can-do spirit. 

22 June to 23 July

Of course you’re special. But then, aren’t we all? That, however, is hardly the point. It is your particular value that’s at issue and why you are deserving of an exclusive arrangement to suit your changing needs. It’s down to you to make the case for this – and there’s good news. You’ll find an authority quite prepared to accommodate you.