Horoscopes: Your stars for the year ahead

23 November to 21 December

Friends will have noticed your new mood. If you’re not a lot more cheerful, there’s renewed confidence and a sense that just about anything is possible – and this trend permeates 2019. In the past year, you’ve learnt so much more about yourself, perhaps with the help of a spiritual or psychological interest. This is your springboard to a new life as ruler Jupiter moves through Sagittarius. If you can tailor expectations to realities, you’ll triumph. Finances require a very careful assessment: the days when you could spend and spend have passed, and now you must make every penny count. Yet from July to December, a partner’s good fortune benefits you – or else a special gift proves enriching.

22 December to 20 January

The solar eclipse in Capricorn in early January is a fabulous start to the new year, setting a new pattern that lasts up to six months and greatly favours the written or spoken word (which seeks to persuade). Ruler Saturn in your sign augments purposefulness, and while this may not always feel joyful, it fills you with a sense of mission – something big in your life or the world needs sorting out, and these planetary alignments help you to success. The challenging part of life could be a need to address at least one close relationship (business or intimate) and this dominates the second half of 2019. What you cannot tolerate now is rule-breakers – you seek freedom from any nonsense.

21 January to 19 February

A highly favoured year as lucky Jupiter stays in the sun chart house of Aquarius until early December 2019, bestowing extra blessings on your natural talents to connect with other people, to help others through teamwork and to profit from business. Naturally, all this is achieved in idiosyncratic ways – that’s you! January to March could be a little stormy as you insist on things being done your way. Or else. July’s solar eclipse is an invitation not just to visit health spas more regularly but to ready yourself for a new job or a new way of working. In the background, philosophical interests assume a greater importance.

20 February to 20 March

Thank goodness you’re not a natural big-head, because 2019 is a year that could certainly lead to delusions of grandeur if one were inclined to egotism. Great things await if you play your cards right! Generous Jupiter brings a new career opportunity at any time up to December, while Saturn and Pluto extend your ‘range’ as you seek to persuade others of how right you are – perhaps this involves a cause or business or both. Then in July to December, the solar eclipse brings a further chance to advance a personal passion. Or, quite possibly, a new romantic love lifts life into a magical state (at least for a season!). Too good to be true? Let’s see. 

21 March to 20 April

A near-perfect start to the new year as ruler Mars enters your sign on the very first day of January, setting the tone for 2019. All those traits that often get you a bad press – bossiness, impulsiveness, forcefulness, a sharp tongue, etc – now work to your advantage as you apply a bolder, more creative dynamism to breaking out of any kind of situation that has stifled you in the past year or two. Expect to travel overseas a lot more and/or to start a new study of self-improvement. Career matters may feel burdensome at times but don’t doubt that your fortunes are on the rise. A major family development starting in July under a solar eclipse augurs a whole new domestic life situation.

21 April to 21 May

A smouldering, rather mysterious energy runs through your chart as 2019 commences. Something or someone has triggered a passionate response, and if you’re inclined to follow your heart’s desire, the best time to do so is from March when unruly Uranus returns to Taurus for a long stay, certainly dominating the rest of 2019. Whatever your life situation, personal independence becomes the main life theme, so expect a degree of friction with authority or a heavy-handed partner. A bequest or other financial advantage is likely at any time under Jupiter, which also favours business startups and/or a new intimate relationship. To get what you want, avoid direct confrontation this year. Tap your inner crafty Machiavelli. 

22 May to 21 June

Your word for 2019 is ‘partnership’. So often the solo operator or maverick loner, you’ve already started to realise that so much more is to be gained (no matter what the situation) from working with people in teams and winning by negotiation or delegation. You may scoff now, but Jupiter’s beneficence may even bring you a new partner, business or intimate during the year ahead. If you’re already hitched, this influence denotes a boost to a shared life. Financial matters will demand greater attention under Saturn, and if everything’s above board in your cash life, you’ve nothing to fear. Just don’t ignore any issues over tax or pension. Between July and December, the solar eclipse brings a new revenue stream – kerching!

22 June to 23 July

It’s true, you’re a naturally ‘giving’ soul, one of life’s nurturers, but even you have your limits. ‘When is life going to be more about me and my concerns?’ you may be asking. The focus on the wellbeing of others, especially in the workplace (possibly home, too), is not just going to disappear. Indeed, much personal progress can be expected from attending to small details of life which oil the wheels of relationships. However, in July there’s the total solar eclipse in Cancer – now this is what you’ve been waiting for. Some kind of project is launched, and it has you written all over it. And new, powerful alliances can be forged from March onwards which favour personal interests.

24 July to 23 August

Two things make time seem to pass more quickly – age and joy. Let’s concentrate on the latter. It so happens that planet of happy expansion, Jupiter, is travelling through your own sun chart sector for much of 2019, bringing good fortune to activities that express the uniqueness of you. Life will enlarge the number of opportunities to shine in your own light – this can be dramatic or in small ways, depending on your needs and talents. Spiritual, mystical or religious interests will be triggered by the July solar eclipse: this energy helps support overall wellbeing. Taskmaster Saturn rules work, so expect extra responsibilities to be heaped on your very capable shoulders.

24 September to 23 October

One or two close relationships are still in repair mode as fireworks herald the new year. In the past year or so, you’ve had to question many things about yourself and family – are you at fault? Really? Maybe not! The clue lies in the planet that has made certain other people more unpredictable – Uranus! It brings awkwardness or even peculiarity. From March 2019 a new energy takes over which is no-nonsense and matter-of-fact: rather than waste your time with mind-game players, you are bolder in showing them the door. From summertime, career or social status interests are elevated, ushering in a new period of growth and promotion. Not everyone will be pleased, but that’s their problem.

24 August to 23 September

As the sharpest critic of the zodiac, you are also unsparing in self-analysis. The new year sees you peering into a metaphorical mirror and saying: ‘If indeed I am the fairest of them all, why is the world neglecting me?’ In reality, it’s more likely that you have turned away from the world (for a very short while) in order to identify those gifts that can be put to much better use. You deserve greater appreciation. In 2019, you find it by cutting away the people and situations that have limited or ‘edited’ you too long – and August-September is your best time for this under the Virgo new moon. From July, a new business or humanitarian project is highly blessed.

24 October 24 to 22 November

Quite wild energies abound in the Scorpio chart, which at least means that 2019 will prove to be stimulating and memorable. Your personal authority is on the up for the simple reason that you cannot be ignored: a subject has captured your imagination and you are striving to talk or write about it with greater conviction. You’ll find your audience. They will listen. This energy also helps writers, salespeople and any kind of politician. Such abundant energy needs new outlets, and these you’re likely to find overseas or in educational establishments, especially from early summer and beyond. Jupiter assures income enhancement through work or an assets re-evaluation. Advice: if challenged, stick to your values.