How to make a wreath

They'll brighten up your home at any time, but when better to fashion your own wreath than Christmas
Wreaths and garlands are a lovely way to adorn your home and outdoor living space, providing the perfect decoration for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and, of course, Christmas.

However, wreaths and garlands are not merely for festive celebrations – they are versatile objects that transcend the seasons and make wonderful decorative features at birthday parties, weddings, and summer garden parties.

So many different materials can be used to make wreaths and garlands, from the more obvious fresh flowers (such as peonies, hydrangeas, and lavender) and evergreen foliage, including myrtle, holly, ivy, and sweet bay that you may have in your garden, to more unusual materials like driftwood twigs, cotton fabrics, and decorative floral papers and newsprint.

I do hope you will find inspiration and that you enjoy making the wreaths and garlands as much as I did, whether to decorate your own home or to give as gifts to friends and family.

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Hanging Ivy Wreath

This simple wreath, with its glittering ivy leaf and red berry decorations, makes a great addition to any festive occasion when suspended by ribbons and hung low over a dining table.

  • paintbrushwhite (PVA) glue
  • swag of real or artificial ivy
  • white glitter 
  • pliers
  • thin wire
  • large wreath hoop, approximately 40cm in diameter
  • 4 red berry picks
  • 6 lengths of ribbon, approximately 60cm long and 1cm wide
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • hot-glue gun (or all-purpose glue)
  • S hook (for hanging)



Use the paintbrush to apply a fine coat of glue to each ivy leaf and then sprinkle with glitter. Allow the glitter to dry completely before continuing.


2 Use the pliers to cut short lengths of thin wire, measuring approximately 10cm. Start winding the ivy around the wreath frame.


Fix the end of the ivy swag securely by wrapping a length of wire around the frame several times and twisting the ends together. Trim the ends of the wire with the pliers. Continue wrapping the ivy around the frame and then twisting lengths of wire around the ivy and hoop at intervals of approximately 10cm.


4 Use short lengths of wire to fix the berry picks at regular intervals around the frame. Twist the wire together several times and trim the ends with the pliers.


5 Fold the end of the first length of ribbon around the inner circle of the frame and stitch into position with the needle and thread. Sew the remaining five lengths of ribbon to the frame’s inner circle at regular intervals.


6 Cut six small ivy leaves from the swag and use glue or a hot-glue gun to stick one over each ribbon section to cover up the stitching.


7 Layer together the other end of the six ribbon lengths and stitch them securely with the needle and thread.


8 Fold the end of the stitched lengths of ribbon around the inside curve of the S hook and stitch together securely.