The importance of a house manager in your country house

You may venture to the countryside to relax and rejuvenate, but this doesn’t mean your private support should be relaxing too! Having the right staff on hand at your country home can enhance your lifestyle, ensuring that your every need is carefully considered and carried out to the highest standard.

Your private household staffing requirements for your holiday or country home should always start with a house manager. As a senior member of staff, they are often your first point of contact, managing your staff and ensuring the smooth running of your household.

However, that’s not all they do. Here are five benefits to hiring a house manager for your country home:

1.Oversee training

Generally, private staff in your holiday home will be employed on a temporary or seasonal basis, so they will need to be trained in the intricacies of your home. A house manager can oversee this process, ensuring consistency across all staff members and clear lines of communication should circumstances change.

2.Liaise with external contractors

Your country home may require ongoing maintenance or the presence of external contractors. A house manager can ensure that any work is organised efficiently, keeping your home in tip-top shape. With such an intimate knowledge of your household, they may also be able to recognise problems before they arise, as well as organise the ongoing maintenance of luxury items such as fine art and antiques.

3.Act as right-hand (wo)man

A house manager can often act as a confidante for a principal, looking after personal and confidential errands, all whilst maintaining the highest level of discretion. They are a pillar of support in stressful situations and can often respond to urgent requirements in a professional manner – for example, transporting important items to alternative locations. They can also communicate any concerns or congratulations to your staff as required.

4.Organise events

Should you wish to host any events from your home, a house manager can ensure they go off without a hitch. From organising food and beverage requirements to setting up the relevant space and briefing staff, they can take care of the logistics so you can focus on entertaining.

5.Manage household finances

Between payroll, budgets and inventories, managing your household finances can be incredibly time-consuming. A house manager can help with this, managing accounts, supply control and using the relevant software to track spending. They can also make smaller financial decisions on your behalf, reducing your involvement.


A house manager is one of the most valuable assets to your private household staff. Tiger Private can help you find a permanent or temporary house manager for all your properties. Get in touch today!


Laura Glendenning is the Head of Tiger Private. She began her career in lifestyle management before becoming a Private PA and Chief of Staff (COS).

Laura’s extensive experience supporting HNWI affords her a unique insight that benefits both her clients and candidates. Laura encapsulates Tiger Private’s vision by providing a bespoke, highly personalised service – after all, the positions she recruits must be the ‘perfect match’!