Interview with health expert Dr. Nigma Talib

Dr. Nigma Talib, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor  based in London in Notting Hill and Los Angeles with the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. She is a best selling author for her American title younger skin starts in the gut and reverse the signs of ageing for the U.K. title. 

She treats celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth and make-up guru Charlotte Tilbury whilst she is a pioneer for healthy living and customised face treatments. 

With more than 15 years of experience in the complementary therapy field, Nigma encompasses all the modalities of Naturopathic practice: Acupuncture,Chinese medicine, botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, and lifestyle counselling. Dr Nigma takes a holistic and bespoke approach to each client, and believes the day's of "one size fits all" is incongruent with an evolving and ever changing health care model that she recommends for optimal health. Here we find out her winter well-being tips and how to stay happy and healthy during the festive season…

  • Now that winter has set in, what do you find is the most common issue that people worry about?

I find that many people come to me with colds, flus, tummy bugs, viruses and digestive problems which are very common during the winter period- mainly because people have more dinner celebrations, eating out and drinking a lot more.

  • There are so many vitamins and minerals out there, what are your top recommendations for someone who is just starting out and what vitamins do you recommend they pick?

In England, Vitamin D is quite important (particularly in winter time) as there is less sunshine and the nights set in early. Vitamins K1 and K2 are very good for the digestive system and of course probiotics to keep the gut healthy which in turn leads to good skin.

  • People love to indulge over Christmas, what are your tips for keeping healthy in the party season?

I always try to eat before I go to the party! Then when you arrive you can perhaps have a small pick on the food that looks interesting but try to keep it slow as it takes 20 minutes to digest- and often people just don’t wait! You will want less anyway as you have already eaten at home and this can help with over-indulging.

  • A lot of people feel tired, lethargic and even sometimes depressed in winter with the daylight being shorter, what would you recommend for people who feel like this?

Seasonal affective disorder is very commonplace in England and ways that can help (particularly with depression and energy levels) is to invest in a Bright Light Therapy Lamp which helps to sky rocket your energy during the day leading to better rest at night. It also helps with things like sleep disorders and jet lag. Another tip is to exercise as often as possible, as this boosts healthy hormones and neuro transmitters in the brain which help the commuication between cells as well as producing serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine.

  • Our skin can also take a bashing in the winter, do you recommend a different skincare routine and if so, what modifications should one make? 

SPF should be used all year round and even in winter as we can still have strong UV rays, even when it looks cloudy. Putting a de-humidifier in the house is also good as it will stop the central heating drying out the skin.Of course, an amazing skincare regime is a must! I created my own skincare range as I was sick of things on the market that simply didn’t work- plant stem cells and hylaronic acid are optimal for skin during the winter months and always have a morning and evening routine. Also I love to create skincare products at home, facemasks with food and plant based ingredients. In essence- DIY!

  • When someone comes to you with an issue what is your first step of approach to assess them?

I always like to run functional lab tests to check if they have food intolerances. An adrenal stress test is good to do and see how our “stress glands are responding.” Often my work requires a stool analysis- which sounds icky but shows many areas that the client has issues with.

  • What upcoming events or projects do you have that you can share with us?

I have created  two skincare products for an inside and out approach that I am extremely proud.

For the inside, I have created a dynamic duo that you can use together- ‘Beauty in a bottle’ and ‘Immortal skin collagen powder.’ These are orals supplements that include marine collagen, vitamins, minerals and botanicals that encourage collagen production from the inside. These will be out in January 2018 on net a porter.

I created an external skin serum and creme called . I worked in Switzerland with the chemists where we gathered extensive research to create them and it is a high performance elixir that enhances the delivery and absorption of clinically researched age-reversing plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid and marine snail peptides to the skin. They are called Dr. Nigma serum number 1 and Dr. Nigma creme number 1

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Interview by Annette Kellow