Jane Orr: Intuitive Consultant at Harrods

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Written by Annette Kellow

Many associate Harrods with an exquisite shopping experience (of which it does so well) but it also holds another luxurious secret at the top of the store. Urban Retreat takes fort on the 5th floor and is home to a beautiful Moroccan Spa, make-up salon, hairdressers, facial and body centre- with a new addition, Intuitive Consultant, Jane Orr.

I must admit I am the only one in my circle of friends who has never been to see a psychic, neither have I ever had my cards read, so I was literally so excited at having the chance to experience first hand what it would be like (and who doesn’t love a visit to iconic Harrods!) 

Jane Orr is a trained psychotherapist and healer, as well as experienced in many other healing modalities and with her combined skills using tarot and clairvoyance, she can provide a unique insight into her clients challenges. I myself, am always intrigued by psychology and after hearing my friends experiences with tarot readings (indeed I lived with one flatmate who would visit monthly!) I wanted to see myself what lay behind the cards.

On entering Urban Retreat you are instantly transported into a world of relaxation. Above the busy bustle of Harrods it has a tranquil ambience and you certainly don’t feel like your in the middle of rush-hour Knightsbridge. Jane took me through to a calm and quiet room in which she began reading the cards. I definitely felt she got a sense of how I enjoy being creative and quite a few ‘career’ cards came up, which eventually led to a success card (yes please!)  I also had four ‘ace’ cards turn up which apparently are quite rare but hold good fortune within them.

Jane was also very in touch with my relationships and I found her very easy to talk to about anything (indeed we went way over time!) She also said I had a strong connection with America and a passion for it, which is so very true! And she predicted I would be working on something on an international level at some point in the future.

I found out that Jane started her career in an interesting way. She owned a haunted house in London and the medium who came to clear the ghost told her she was also a medium! This followed in her development with Lee Everett into becoming a healer. Not only that but Jane is a trained psychotherapist which she believes is an integrated training to working alongside spiritual healing in an holistic approach. Each of her sessions include a broad range of assessment techniques, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, NLP, and psycho analysis. By incorporating these tools she can make a differential assessment of spiritual or psychological issues.

One thing that I found poignant about the session is that not only did I found out captivating meanings within the cards but they also helped me in understanding my behaviour, lifestyle and partnerships. The pull for me, was magnetic and I felt I could look between the lessons and find a different perspective. And who doesn’t want some clearance and peacefulness in their life on a cold Monday afternoon?

Jane Orr can be booked at Urban Retreat, Harrods on 0207 893 8333