Jump Into Spring with An Easy-to-Use Tablet

Make technology easy with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with easology. With clearer layouts, large text, big buttons and much more, this new tablet lets you jump into spring with confidence.

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with easology has been designed to make using your tablet easy, whilst keeping all the great functionality you enjoy.  Whether it’s searching for gardening tips, planning your next trip or video calling the Grandkids, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with easology is the perfect accessory for Spring. 

Check out some of the unique features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with easology:

Restful Home Screen

The home screen is clearer, more intuitive, and restful.  Yet there is no reduction in functionality; all your favourite apps are still available.

Clearer Layouts

Whether it’s the calendar, contacts, browsing the internet or any other of your favourite applications, the layout is easier and simpler to use

Large Text

Whatever you use your tablet for, the text is always large so it’s easy to read.

Big Buttons

Big buttons with a large selection area ensure you never miss.


You can customize your home screen to make it just right for you. Reduce to just the applications you use or change the colour to make it more legible.

And Much More…

There are a host of other unique features that are designed to make life easier whether it’s our magnification option to help read small print or the quick contact buttons that lets you access family and friends.  This tablet makes doing all the things you love a breeze.

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with easology is available with our partner EE, please click the link below (please note you must be an existing EE customer to take advantage of this offer).

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You can also visit our website at to learn more ways to get easology on your tablet.