Ladies Who Tweed; Style that Never Goes Out of Fashion

Fashions come and go, whether its huge platform shoes, skirts worn over the top of trousers or doubling down on denim.  Indeed a couple of years is often all it takes to make what seemed like a good fashion choice feel very dated.  You only need to flick back a few years in your facebook photos to see that.  However some things never go out of fashion, Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress for example, would look as stylish now as it did in the 1960’s. The same can be said for tweed, or so says That British Tweed Company (TBTC), who are big advocates of pretty much anything tweed. 

“It all started with a chair” says Rich, the founder of TBTC, “I was browsing a vintage shop one day when I was a student and I spotted a beautiful vintage Chesterfield chair, which had been reupholstered in Harris Tweed.  I couldn’t afford the chair at the time, but it stuck with me and sparked a love affair with Tweed which led to me starting TBTC in 2015.  It can be tough for small businesses these days, but I was lucky enough to get some interest in the brand and have had most of my early custom with Mens Tweed Suits.  This has been driven in part by a huge interest in the BBC series Peaky Blinders, which has inspired a love of vintage fashion and in particular tweed in a whole new generation.  I’d say tweed can be found somewhere in pretty much every scene in the show, from Baker Boy hats to three-piece suits.   

But it’s not just the men, there is some beautiful examples of women’s tweed and as much as I love the mens fashion, I’ve always wanted to grow the women’s fashion side of things, so when The Lady magazine reached out to me a few months ago about featuring one of our products, I was super excited at the opportunity to work with such a prestigious magazine with a great readership”. 

It is not just Peaky Blinders fuelling an interest in tweed fashion, there is now a growing number of countries and cities hosting their own “Tweed Runs”.  These are where hundreds of cyclists don their best tweed outfits and go for what has to be the most stylish bike ride of the year.  Originating from the north of England, these have now spread the globe from London to Vienna, Canada to Brasil, dozens of tweed runs every year continue to spread appreciation for the eternal appeal of tweed fashion. 

Tweed Jackets / Blazers

Eternally stylish and incredibly versatile, a good quality Harris tweed jacket will last you a life time and work with almost any outfit.  You can pair the same tweed blazer with a beautiful dress for a wedding, with a matching skirt for work, or with a pair of jeans when heading shopping.  With a wide range of colours, styles and brands, from vintage fits to more modern lines, there really is an amazing selection of womens tweed jackets on offer.

Tweed Handbags

Some of the most eye catching products at TBTC are the Tweed Handbags on offer.  A tweed handbag can make an outfit on its own, but don’t be deceived, they are as practical as they are stylish.   The majority of handbags available are made with genuine Harris Tweed, which means the material has been hand woven by the islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides, guaranteeing the quality of the tweed.  From smaller clutch handbags to larger day bags which allow to carry all the little things you need for daily life, there is a tweed handbag to suit all occasions.  

Tweed Coats & Gilets

A tweed coat or gilet can provide a classic country look or a more modern twist, with a wide of styles available and from different brands such as Joules, women’s tweed coats are almost as versatile as the jackets.  Once again the many of the women’s tweed gilets and coats available can be found in genuine Harris Tweed, ensuring they’ll keep you warm and looking good. 

Tweed Skirts and Dresses

Make a statement with a stunning tweed dress, or pair a beautiful tweed skirt with a shirt for work, or a blouse for drinks with the ladies.  A brilliant addition to any wardrobe, a tweed skirt is something you will just keep coming back to, and with the quality of Harris Tweed, you know it will last a long time if you take care of it.   The vintage dress on the left of the picture is the first British Tweed Co product The Lady magazine featured a few months ago.  From the vintage styling of that dress, to modern harris tweed pencil skirts, cocktail dresses and more, there is a lovely and ever changing range of tweed dresses and skirts.

These are just a few of the ways that you can start your own love affair with tweed, but it doesn’t end there.  The British Tweed Company site has hundreds of products from womens tweed fashion, and accessories like womens tweed gloves, tweed purses and tweed phone cases, to tweed for the home including tweed curtains, tweed cushions and tweed furniture.

You can follow TBTC on instagram and twitter @britishtweedco and