The Lady Live-in Care Guide

Growing older may require you to think about what (if any) help you may need to enable you to stay in your own home. Tasks such as food shopping and housework might be undertaken by family and friends, but depending on the level of care you require and your living situation (for example, do you live in a bungalow or are there stairs to tackle in your home?), having an extra pair of more experienced hands may be welcome.

The vast majority of older people in the UK (97% according to a recent national survey by One Poll) say they would prefer to stay in their own homes. Luckily, there are a number of agencies that can provide everything from help with small chores (such as picking up a prescription) to respite care in the home or 24-hour live-in care.

Drop-in daily help
Housework can be time-consuming, so you might consider getting a helping hand. A drop-in helper can take on many of your domestic chores, from cooking and cleaning to doing the washing up and the weekly shop. Choose a specialist company and they may even keep your garden blooming too.

Live-out companion
A live-out companion will also help with the chores but they specialise in providing long-term companionship. They won’t live with you, however, so those wanting someone around the clock should seek live-in help.

Live-in companion
You’ll need some extra space, but if you want to live independently for longer, a live-in companion could be the answer. They will never be far away and can offer peace of mind for those without any relatives living nearby.

If you’re simply after someone to keep the house neat and tidy or to prepare your meals, a housekeeper/cook could be the solution – although they do not offer any type of personal care.

A car is the key to independence for many people, especially those living in rural areas. But what if you can no longer drive? Well, you could simply hire someone to do it for you. You needn’t hire someone full-time, and if you simply want to go to the shops or visit friends once or twice a week, the cost of a part-time driver needn’t be prohibitive. You can book them for one day, or perhaps just a few hours a week.

Meal deliveries
So, you’re still perfectly independent but you don’t want to prepare meals every day. If you don’t want to hire a cook, how about using a delivery service? Different companies offer different services, from freshly cooked meals to frozen dinners that you can pop into the freezer and then heat up when required. Many companies also offer specialist meals, such as those for diabetics. Make sure they are aware of your particular health needs.

Respite care
This is the type of care that offers relief for long-term carers who may need some time off. It is important that carers have regular breaks and make time for their own needs. You will normally stay in a respite care home for no more than a day or two, and it will give you the opportunity to socialise with other people. Activities tend to be of a social nature – outings and bingo, for example.

Overnight care
The level of care offered depends on your individual circumstances, but someone will usually be on hand to assist with everything from taking medication to washing, dressing and going to the toilet. This provides reassurance to both the person in care and their family. ‘Sleeping night care’ means the carer will sleep in your home. They will be just down the corridor should you need them during the night. If a carer is needed to offer help more than twice during the night, then the service is considered to be ‘waking night care’. These carers will be on hand to help throughout the night.

Live-in care
A live-in carer can cook and clean, but they may also offer specialist care and companionship, too. They not only free up your time, allowing you much more independence, they will also save your friends and relatives from having to household chores during their visits.

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