Luxury lifestyle brand Fairfax & Favor to give all proceeds of limited edition tassel to Breast Cancer Care

FAIRFAX & FAVOR is the quintessentially British style leather accessories brand of two young, charismatic Norfolk entrepreneurs, Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker. The 2013 launch of Fairfax & Favor’s handmade shoes involved a charmingly haphazard trip to Spain to find a sympathetic producer for their initial batch of 400 loafers, which the two then stored in their attic and persuaded friends and family to buy.

Unperturbed, and escaping a terrifying law-suit from a world-wide fashion label, the boys marched onwards with guile, determination and bags of improvisation and succeeded in taking the Norfolk Game Fair market by storm. The Regina boot, a classically stylish slim knee high with interchangeable tassels became their game-changer, turning a ‘farmhouse plodder into a polished piece fit for the runway.’

2018 marks the third year that Fairfax & Favor have supported Breast Cancer Care with sales from their pink boot tassel raising a massive £15,000 for Breast Cancer Care each year. Endorsed by celebrities and devoured on social media, the limited edition iconic pink tassel is on sale for the month of October.

All proceeds go directly to Breast Cancer Care, a cause close to both Marcus and Felix, each having grandmothers that have suffered from the illness.

Fairfax & Favor hope to exceed previous years and raise over £20,000 this October. 


To order your pair of limited-edition pink tassels for £30 please click here. Available from October 1st.

Every penny from the proceeds of each sale goes directly to Breast Cancer Care.