Make-up tips for Christmas Day

Christmas Day – the actual day - is a big deal.  So, naturally, you want to look your best with a make-up look to impress.

There are three fail-proof makeup fundamentals to ensure you always get the look right, says Beyou, the UK’s leading on-demand beauty and hair service.

Charlotte Green, Beyou CEO and co-founder comments: “The run-up to Christmas is always party-packed, but the actual day itself is one of the best days of the year, a day we all want to look our best with our outfits, hair and make-up.

“It’s a day for family and friends – and, of course, some Instagram pics with the tree, present unwrapping and the Christmas feast.  In fact, a family photo or two is pretty much a given, so why not look absolutely gorgeous while you’re at it?”

Nawal Alkhedairy, Beyou director and co-founder says: “Naturally, most people will want to be going for a different look on the big day, compared to the pre-Christmas parties and events.

“On Christmas Day it should all be about smokey eyes, shimmering skin, and popping lips.  It’s important to have a fresh-faced look that works throughout the day.”

Beyou - the nationwide app that allows you to book make-up artists and hair stylists direct to your door whenever you want, wherever you are – has three easy, festive, and camera-ready tips for Christmas Day.

First, subtle smokey eyes.  “Ideal for Christmas day as it gives off warmth and sophistication, without looking overdone,” says Charlotte.

Second, sheening skin. “Sweep an luminising pressed highlighter across the face or targeted areas, such as cheekbones and brow bones, to get that balanced silky glow that also hides imperfections,” explains Nawal.

And third, statement lips. “Nothing says Christmas like a red or deep plum lip.  If you can’t be a bit more daring on the big day, when can you?” Charlotte observes.

Nawal concludes: “These three tips are absolutely perfect for Christmas Day.  Stick to these fundamentals and you can’t go wrong.”