Make your home a holiday

Don't lose those holiday high spirits, says Mr Jason Grant - use them to inspire a new look for your home
Most of my favourite memories are of times spent getting away – whether it was a road trip, a weekend away at a friend’s beach house, a night in a fancy hotel, hanging out poolside or a big trip across the globe.

Taking time out and having an adventure is a special feeling. It recharges us.

House-Sept12-01-5901. & 2. Create a retreat in your garden - even the tiniest outdoor space can be turned into a little patch of paradise 2.

Travelling is such a great way to get inspired as it opens your mind and exposes you to new things.

Of course, a vacation always has to end but that feeling doesn’t have to. Why not bring your vacation vibe home with you and infuse some of the feeling into your living spaces?

House-Sept12-02-5903. & 4. Colour frightens even the greyest of days. Pick your favourite shades and colour your home happy 4. Inspiration for a concept or a beautiful colour palette can come from anywhere - trust your eye and have the confidence to make decisions

Even the smallest and simplest things can transform your home.

A relaxed and laid-back approach to decorating helps to create a calm environment. You don’t need to overstyle, and not everything needs to be perfect. Your home should be just the way you like it: a special sanctuary where you can take time out, entertain friends and family, or just sit back and enjoy your surroundings.

House-Sept12-03-5906. & 8. Take a vacation in your bathroom. What makes you feel rejuvenated? Small details can make every day feel more special 7. Make a fantasy getaway without leaving the house. Use plants to create a calming oasis

Think about how you live and the little things you can do to make each day special.

Holiday At Home: Creating Relaxed Spaces Of Your Own, by Mr Jason Grant; photography by Lauren Bamford (Hardie Grant Books, £25).