A New True Crime Series on CBS Reality

Unmissable New True Crime Series Premiering on CBS Reality Tonight

Whether you’re a long-standing true crime afficionado or are just discovering this fascinating and compelling genre, then there is only one place to get your fix. CBS Reality, the home of expert-led, true crime.

And tonight at 10pm sees the start of a brilliant new addition to CBS Reality’s unbeatable roster of true crime programming - “Murder: Fight for the Truth”. This unique series showcases the inspirational work of investigators, family and friends who worked tirelessly to solve murder cases and bring justice to the victims. Often battling against incredible odds, the show tells the stories of these heroes who went above and beyond to crack difficult cases and put those responsible where they belong – behind bars.

Each of the compelling ten episodes follows the tale of the incredible people who refused to give up and were instrumental in solving the case, with the help of friends, family, police officers, lawyers, and investigative experts. “Murder: Fight for the Truth” peels back the layers of each case and concludes with the truth being exposed and the killer brought to justice.

The series begins with the tragic story of Julie Hogg, a 22-year-old single mother, who went missing in Billingham in 1989. Initially treated as a missing person, three months later her body was found behind a bath panel in her home - her murder sparked a frantic police investigation.

Cleared of Julie's murder in two trials, Dunlop later confessed to a prison guard while serving time for another crime. He bragged about being protected by the "double jeopardy" law. After a 15-year-battle led by Julie’s mother, an 800-year-old law was changed, and the murderer was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Episode two features the case of Ashley McLellan, a three-year-old girl found drowned in her stepfather’s swimming pool in December 2003. Her death was initially ruled an accident by investigators, but local Washington state Fire Captain John Willits found the incident, in freezing winter weather, very suspicious. His determined efforts led to the conviction of the murderer who murdered her to claim a life-insurance policy.

The new series also includes the mysterious case of Jake Embert, a US military veteran from Georgia. Recently divorced, Jake fell in love with someone he met online. Jake and Susan married in March 2013, but in 2014 his family were left devastated when he died from a gunshot wound to the head. Jake’s death was initially ruled a suicide, but that wasn’t the end of the story. Jake’s family, convinced that he didn’t kill himself, hired private investigator Lee Wilson. What Wilson unearthed about Jake’s new wife shocked everyone and led to a life sentence.

Later in the series, “Murder: Fight for the Truth” casts a forensic eye over the 1988 murder of Lynette White, a 20-year-old from Cardiff. The investigation that followed led to one of the worst miscarriages of justice in recent British times. Three men were wrongly imprisoned then acquitted, but the murderer remained at large. Journalist Satish Sekar heaped relentless pressure on authorities to reopen the case, leading to the real killer finally being convicted.

"Murder: Fight for the Truth" is a captivating addition to CBS Reality's true crime programming. As with all their shows, the series features expert analysis, first-hand accounts, and incriminating video footage to provide a comprehensive look at the crimes committed by the featured perpetrators. Simply a must-see for true crime fans!

“Murder: Fight for the Truth” premieres on CBS Reality on Thursday, 6th April at 10pm, and continues on Thursdays for ten weeks. Episodes will also be available to stream via the CBS Catchup Channels UK app.

Home to expert-led true crime, CBS Reality investigates authentic criminal cases through first-hand interviews, archive footage and key evidence. Always factual, always true.

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