The Diary of Miss Darcy Bustle: 30 June

The Lady’s lovable office dog tells all
Yesterday I wasn’t able to write in my diary because it was too hot. When it is too hot doggies are at risk of getting sunburnt, and worst, getting burnt paws. People forget that walking around city streets and pavements can have a terrible effect on our feet. Imagine, if the asphalt and cement is hot enough to cook an egg its certainly hot enough to cook our little feet. My vet, Dale, says that if the ground is too hot for you to leave your hand on it for ten seconds that it is too hot for your canine companion. We need grass, and cool shady walks, preferably in a woodland or by a stream. Failing that, I like the duck pond in St James park in the late afternoon when there is a slim chance I might get a dip if the park keeper isn’t looking.

I got an email this morning telling me about the country’s very first dog friendly cinema. Imagine that? No more being left at home with the TV on ‘for company’. Imagine how annoying that can be if you can’t work the remote control properly? Mercifully the Picturehouse in London’s West End has decided to add a dog friendly screening to their schedule every six weeks. Okay, its hardly a weekly date but it’s a start. there will be water bowls provided inside and outside the screening room andblankets so that doggie visitors can sit on the chairs alongside their human friends. Personally, I would always opt for a well upholstered lap but that’s a bit trickier if you’re a labrador. The first film is an animation called My Life As A Courgette which doesn’t sound like a winner but who knows, I plan to review it anyway!

unnamed-4Pawsecco bar

A night in front of the TV with the fan on watching Supervet. Is he most handsome vet in the known universe? Is it possible to just go for a check up? I know that there are several of the other girls here who would be keen to come along and hold my hand while he took my temperature. I’m trying to think of an excuse to go and see him that doesn’t involve me having to have a shoulder transplant.

A bar in London has also performed another doggie first – a canine cocktail bar. Of course it isn’t possible for dogs to drink alcohol, although I have seen Duffle stick his nose in an abandoned pint of bitter at cricket on occasion – not that I am a snitch or anything, I don’t think there will be any pints of bitter at Pet Pavilion’s Pawsecco Bar in Chelsea. Instead, there will be cocktails made from Elderflower, Nettle, Ginseng & Limeflower, all tested by vets to make sure that no one ends up with a ‘houndover’ the next day. There will also be Doggy Gelato, and canapés gourmet treats will include Boeuf du Cap, Sunday Roast of Grass-fed Lamb and Bio-Organic Chicken. All I need now is a date…

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