The Diary of Miss Darcy Bustle: 15 June


I am a little behind with my diary as I had a week’s holiday… I know, get me! I have been mooching around the garden at home, trying to complete the ‘to do’ list, which gets bigger every day. But mostly I sat around swooning over the photo of me and Alexander McCall Smith, who came to the office for tea. He couldn’t have the cake or sandwiches the editor made him because he is on a ‘no-carb’ diet. He couldn’t even be tempted with a slice of Victoria sponge, specially made by James. I, of course, was given nothing. Nothing! Except for the love of Alexander, who said I could call him Sandy. OMG, as the young people say!


I have had the photo of Sandy and me framed and mounted on the office wall. Irene was given a signed copy of his new book, but she has said she won’t read it in case it gets messy, so she has bought another copy. It’s the 20th anniversary of the Ladies Detective Agency this year and we will be running a big interview with him in the summer. Not by me, sadly, but still… it’s never a good idea to mix business with pleasure. I wouldn’t want people to talk.


Quite unexpectedly, an email came from Parker in Cornwall, the rather handsome dachshie who lives at the Ferryboat Inn in Helford. He said he was thinking of me (did he get the love vibes from my tea with Sandy, I wonder?) and imagining the two of us taking a little trip on the Helford Ferry to Kestle – he sent a pic of some flowers he picked for me there, which he is going to get pressed for me. I must say, I do have rather a spring in my step this week – and it’s only Wednesday!



This morning we had a meeting and some of that spring was squashed by the news that now that Archie has won his battle in Man vs Cat, we might have a new star in our midst. Boysie the Tortoise. Can this be true? Can the editor really believe that this moving crustacean would be at all interesting? Apparently, he can do tricks, like raise his barnacle-like leg to get a blueberry. Purleese… He also thinks he is a font of all wisdom because he can trace his lineage back 400 million years. Well, if you were that old, surely you’d lie about it. And from the look of this picture here, he needs to learn how to use a napkin.


The editor has suggested I start practicing mindfulness and perhaps I could take some lessons from Boysie. She is sending me off to meet him officially next week. I can’t wait. Not!

See you next week 

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