Review: Teeth whitening with Dr Krystyna at Blush and Blow

There is nothing like a bright smile- it’s usually one of the first things we notice about a person when meeting them. Smiling is a universal sign of friendless; it’s an easy and quick way to tell if someone is approachable. An inviting smile goes a long way when you are seeking to welcome someone or build trust with them; it’s engaging and makes you appear open.

And in a world where everything from coffee to curry can take effect on the colour of our teeth, it’s easy to get self-conscious when flashing a grin.  

Dr Krystyna at Blush and Blow in Parsons Green helps people to realise their dreams of glimmering smiles by offering effective teeth whitening services, and she was also about to help me through mine. The only experience I had ever had previously in teeth whitening was ‘home remedies’- charcoal toothpaste, strips, kits, lights, so on and so forth, but nothing lasted. Upon my first consultation with Dr. Krystyna, I had realised why.

Home remedies only ever lighten the outer layer of the tooth (or the ‘enamel’), which doesn’t last longer than a matter of weeks. The same applies to professional teeth whitening where lasers and lights are used- these are quick fixes. At a hefty £300, the key to lasting white teeth, as Dr Krystyna explained, was a full course of hydrogen peroxide whitening tubes that worked to bleach through each layer of the tooth to the core.  

We took impressions of my teeth to send off for my rubber retainer trays, which didn’t take longer than a week or two to arrive, and then the rest was up to me. I was given syringes of whitening gel and expected to add a blob or two inside the trays to the teeth I wanted to see the most whitening difference on.  I chose to do this at night, but it could’ve just as easily been done during the day if you had a few hours between meals. I can’t lie and say the effects weren’t uncomfortable, however. I found the gel to make my teeth hyper-sensitive, and I developed a few mouth ulcers as a result of excess bleach that had made its way to my gums and inner lips. This could've been a result of how much gel I added to my trays, but nevertheless, the results were worth it. 

As promised, my teeth lifted shades lighter, almost unrecognisable to my former smile. Years of foods and liquids that affected my tooth colour vanished within weeks. I sifted through comparison pictures and the difference was totally unmatched- my teeth were the first thing that stood out in every new picture. Dr Krystyna explained that I could purchase top-up tubes for £15 a syringe if I ever needed an extra 'dazzling' future boost, but she was happy with the results, and I developed a new confidence I didn't even know I needed!

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