The Diary of Miss Darcy Bustle: 29 June


I know that I am often writing about how incredible dogs can be, but I can’t help telling the story of 12-year- old Bailey, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was abandoned by the side of the road and taken to a temporary home because the kennels at Newport City Dogs Home were full. It goes without saying that he was feeling a bit sad about the world, but that didn’t stop him being alert. We dogs are great at being alert. Bailey smelt a fire in the next door garden and made a great fuss to go out, where he was then about to lead lovely volunteer mummy, Nicola Jones, straight to the site of an out-of-control garden fire. Good boy, Bailey. He deserves a home.


In case anyone hasn’t noticed, there is a heatwave all over the country, and it is particularly hot in the city, which does make some people behave in a dotty fashion. This must account for the madness of a woman who shared an ice cream with her doggie and posted a video of it online. The Dachshund – yes, I’m afraid to say it is one of my lot – licked the ice cream 22 times. Greedy! And then his human friend went back to eating it herself. Eww! Understandably, there was an outcry, not least as this is not hygienic. We doggies sniff all sorts of different places, and some of them are not nice. Need I say more? Anyway ,if you do want to give us a cold treat, what about frozen yoghurt, which is good because it has probiotics, or, even better, doggy ice cream? This comes in smelly sock flavour. Yum!


I have discovered that a human-sized bath is like a swimming pool. As a rule, I don’t like bathing, but I LURVE swimming, and so when it was suggested that a length of the bath was quite a long way for me, I was away. I’ve even got my own rubber ducks. Wey hey!



I have just discovered that there is a Dog Photographer of the Year competition run by the Kennel Club where mad keen amateur snappers enter pictures of, well, dogs. There are so many categories, from working dogs to rescue animals, along with a host of super-cute ones. None of me, of course, which is surely a mistake, but it is impossible not to give in to the cute factor of the 1st Prize puppy portrait taken by Klaus Dyba. Adorable.


Today there is much excitement in the office because we are on countdown to the new Mamma Mia! film. I realise that some people think I am too young for it, but they are wrong. I am a two whole doggie years, which makes me 14 years old. Quite the grown-up girl. Especially when I get my sequinned platforms on. You think I’m joking?

See you next week 

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