The Daily: April 22

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Ewan McGregor cast as Lumiere in 'Beauty and the Beast'
Ewan McGregor has been cast as Lumiere in the upcoming live-action Disney film 'Beauty and the Beast'. Although it isn't yet clear if Disney will turn the film into a musical, if Ewan does get to sing the best known song 'Be Our Guest' it is likely, as in 'Moulin Rouge', that he will melt our hearts. Lumiere is the charismatic Maître d' turned into a Candelabrum after a magical spell was cast on the master (prince-turned-beast) and all the residents in the castle. Gugo Mbatha-Raw will play opposite Ewan as Plumette, Lumiere's love interest. Filming will begin in May, with the film set for release in 2017.

102-year-old chorus line dancer sees herself on film for the first time
Alice Barker, who is now 102, danced in the chorus line for the legendary Apollo and Zanzibar clubs during the 1930s Harlem Renaissance. Over time, Alice has lost photographs of her dancing and videos proved difficult to find due to people misspelling her name. Upon seeing videos of her self for the first time, Alice snapped her fingers and sang along as she began to remember the routines. David Shuff met Alice many years ago at the retirement home and after having spoken to her David sought out archivist Mark Cantor in order to help him find the vintage music videos which are called 'soundies'. Whilst watching the videos, Alice said that they just made her wand to get out of bed and 'do it all over again' as she also stated 'I used to often say to myself, I am being paid to do something that I enjoy doing and I would do it for free'.

Sherlock Special Confirmed
It has been confirmed that there will be Sherlock Special where Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman will be visiting the year 1895. The date 1895 is a very relevant date for the detective as it is considered to be when Sherlock was at the peak of his popularity after Arthur Conan Doyle had supposedly killed off the fictional character, much to the uproar of the public. Mark Gatiss, who is the co-creator of the show, has confirmed that this back-in-time special has now been filmed but he will not say when the next three episodes will be shot. Although the BBC has not revealed when the 1895 episode will be aired, but series four is expected to start at Christmas.

Prince William to get 6 weeks paternity leave
Prince William is now off work until June 1st after finishing his air ambulance pilot training earlier than expected. Prince William will be on unpaid leave until June 1st, meaning that he will no longer have to worry about dashing from his Norwich training base to London as his wife goes into labour. This way, if the baby is born this week, the Prince will be able to spend more than a month at home with his family. Additionally, Prince Harry will now have the opportunity to see the new-born fairly swiftly after the birth as he returns from his Army secondment in Australia on Sunday. A spokesman for Kensington Palace stated that 'The Duke of Cambridge has completed the first phase of his in-work air ambulance helicopter training...earlier than anticipated', meaning that her can be at the Duchess' side to accompany her to hospital.

Cooking with seawater as the new way to season food
In Spain, seawater is thought to really improve the flavour of food, and may be healthier than regular salt. According to marketing director Albert Fernandez, 'some 98% of sea salt is sodium chloride. In seawater, 86% of the minerals are sodium chloride. The other 14% are minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium', which implies that seawater includes more minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to our health. However, seawater naturally contains a lot of salt, which caused Scottish company Acquamara many issues because of buyers being surprised at the high level of salt content. On the other hand, Joaquin Baeza, Spain's Chef of the Year, uses the salt water to cook the rice without adding any additional seasoning. Apparently, this really sets a part his paella dishes from those served on the street, heightening the taste and aromas as a whole.