The Daily: April 28

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Audrey Hepburn crowned most stylish Brit of all time
Audrey Hepburn has been named the most stylish Briton of all time. The actress beat Royal competition to take the top prize, leaving Princess Diana at number two and the Duchess of Cambridge fourth. Models Kate Moss and Twiggy made it to the top ten, as well as musician David Bowie. The survey of 2000 people was commissioned by Samsung and saw a victory for stylish ladies. Questions also asked included whether style influenced the likelihood of a second date, and if style added or created personal authority and power. Those asked also voted 37 to be the most stylish age for women, with 36 being the age for men.

Heart shaped tomato leads to good cause
A heart shaped tomato was found in the green house of keen gardener and retiree Rod Matless. Mr Matless, of Wyndham near Norwich, realised the worth of the fruit when he found people wanted to "hug it" and described it as "sweet". Mr Matless therefore decided to sell the fruit at auction after the attraction it gained, hoping that it would "do someone somewhere a bit of a good". The tomato was sold for £16, with the buyer commenting that they would 'give it to someone special'. Mr Matless donated the proceeds to the British Heart Foundation, and ending he deemed fitting for this very special tomato.

90 year old tortoise given speedy wheels for legs
A pet tortoise named Mrs T has been fitted with a pair of wheels after suffering the loss of its front two legs in an encounter with a rat. After the attack, Mrs T's vet feared for her life and future mobility, but thanks to the owner's son, who is a mechanical engineer, a solution was found. A pair of front wheels was designed, with the frame attached to the tortoise's shell with resin. Mrs T, from West Wales, is reported to be enjoying her new lease of life and going at twice her normal speed with her new set of 'limbs'. Mrs Ryder, the pet's owner, spoke of her fears when the attack occurred but is now relieved that Mrs T is back to having "the run of the garden".

Jeremy Paxman reveals penchant for reality TV
Former Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman has said that he no longer watches the political programme, but instead enjoys dating show Take Me Out and The Only Way Is Essex. Paxman revealed that he thought Take Me Out a "fantastic show", and defended his admiration for it when challenged by its host Paddy McGuinness. Paxman went on to say that he had watched reality programme The Only Way Is Essex and much preferred it to its London counterpart Made in Chelsea. However, the presenter admitted that "his idea of fun" was more often an early night with a book.

Simply looking at food could 'switch off' cravings
A new study has found that cravings can in fact be stopped for a short time by looking at food. Scientists in the US discovered whilst monitoring mice that the neurons in the brain linked to hunger can be turned off momentarily if we are allowed to look at food, but not eat it. The study, published in Nature Neuroscience, surmised that these AGRP neurons are a hangover from human's hunter gatherer stage, when they acted as encouragement to hunters unwilling to seek food in dangerous areas. Although scientists have warned that the period the neurons are 'switched off' is short, they hope in future to prolong it, in order to make that diet a little more bearable.