The Daily: May 13

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CEO takes 6,400 employees on holiday
Billionaire CEO Li Jinyuan of the Chinese conglomerate Tiens has treated 6,400 of his best staff to a French holiday. Mr Jinyuan sought to celebrate the company's 20th birthday in a special and unique way, aiming to spell out a record taking phrase with human bodies whilst rewarding his staff at the same time. Jinyuan started the trip in Paris with a select 6,400 of his top sales people before ending on the French Riviera. It was in Nice where Mr Jinyuan set about his world record, arranging the employees in identical blue hats and t shirts to spell out "Tiens' dream is Nice in the Cote d'Azur". French media have estimated that the extraordinary trip cost Mr Jinyuan some £14 million.

The Devil Wears Prada set for Broadway
The box office sensation The Devil Wears Prada is tipped to become the latest Broadway musical. The 2006 film starred Anne Hathaway as young journalist Andy Sachs, who lands 'the job a million girls would kill for': second assistant to the icy Runway editor Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep. Producer Kevin McCollum, whose work already includes Broadway hits Rent and Avenue Q, expressed a desire to give The Devil Wears Prada a chance on the stage. McCollum's move is in keeping with the recent trend of film to stage musicals, as well as Disney's current reinvention of several animated classics. Although the cast is yet to be revealed, Hathaway's interest in musical theatre is well known and Streep is always keen to return to the stage.

Traffic Wardens to double as tour guides in Copenhagen
Traffic Wardens in Copenhagen are now to advise tourists on the sights as they hand out fines in a bid to reverse the negative image of their profession. Copenhagen is already regarded as one of the world's most liveable cities but authorities are now looking at ways to make the Scandi experience even better. Training is already underway for parkies in the Danish capital, with 11 wardens being given an "Ask Me" badge as an addition to their uniform. Wardens are encouraged to share their local knowledge, from the best restaurants to lesser known sights. Jes Øksnebjerg of Center Parkering has already judged it a success, saying that "when there is a chance for a different type of citizen contact, employees respond positively."

British tipping habits revealed
A study has shown that the average British diner leaves £4.18 at the end of a meal, with women more likely to tip than men. The survey of 2,000 adults, conducted by table booking service OpenTable, also unearthed some interesting regional differences in our tipping practices. The research found that Londoners leave the largest amount (on average £5.68) but that it's the Scots who are most likely to tip full stop. Friendly service was the top reason given for tipping but 47 per cent of Glaswegians still left extra cash even if the service was less than perfect. Perhaps the wariest diners are to be found in Brighton, where a quarter admitted to only tipping if someone else in their party does. Mike Xenakis of OpenTable concluded "most of us are happy to leave a little extra for the restaurant staff - as long as the service diners receive is of a high level."

Missing cat found 3,500km from home
A missing cat has been found on the east coast of Australia, some 3,500km from its residence in the north. Pippa, aged 3, was reported missing from her home in Darwin, Northern Australia only to be found seven weeks later in Brisbane, Queensland. The feline had taken her astonishing journey in a shipping container that was being used by the owner's neighbour Rebecca Shilling. Pippa was trapped in the box along with Ms Shilling's belongings from 20 February to 10 April, without food or water, in a miraculous feat of endurance. Ms Shilling is currently deciding whether to fly Pippa back to Darwin or make a new home for her in Brisbane after her long journey.