Peggy Porschen Easter Special

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By Annette Kellow

Something special seems to happen about this time every year. The pastel colours, the sweet fluffy chicks and the decor of chocolate eggs can only mean one thing- Easter has officially landed! If you are a fan of decor and style as I am, the shop windows are enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. There is also something else very special about Easter. The celebration of a new beginning, a new season emerging and well, spring is just around the corner!

There is one place that I always like to visit when the seasons change, of which has an ever-changing decor depending on the time fo the year yet always stands out from all the other window displays- Peggy Porschen on Ebury Street, which is what can only be described as the ultimate cake parlour!  I knew they would have some Easter sweet treats so accompanied by my cousin Sarah (who is also a complete cake fan!) we ventured down to their Belgravia tea shop in search of their newest additions.

Of course, we had to sit at our favourite table surrounded by Peggy cookbooks, pastel wrapped biscuits, beautiful flowers and many a chocolate Easter bunny! As Sarah and I were the first to arrive we admired the glass cabinets of cake displays (all whilst quickly updating our Instagrams with the newest types).


Now I have to make a confession. It was only 10am, and although we were the first ones in the parlour we had skipped our morning meal and cake was the order of the day for our breakfast! So we decided to really indulge (what can I say, I’m pregnant and we were ravenous). We started with the Easter Special- a carrot and lemon cupcake which came in a pastel pink foil complete with delicate eggs and a huge chocolate bunny on top! Sarah and I thought he was almost too cute to eat (almost) and kept him to one side to eat at the end. We also shared a succulent slice of their Easter egg and blossom heaven rhubarb and custard cake. Divine! It was made of a light sponge and very creamy icing while all the hints of taste were subtle and gentle within it. 


Of course, as we were in spoiling ourselves mode, we also accompanied these with a little tea and coffee. But not just any tea and coffee! The sugar plum tea comes in a sweet vintage style teacup and pot, and the colour of it (pastel lavender) reminds me of spring days in my childhood. It’s a fruity tea yet not too strong, with light fragrant notes and a hint of cinnamon. Although I’m off coffee at the moment I secretly admired Sarah's cappuccino which was decorated with a cute heart to complete- We even had a couple of lovely ladies next to us who asked if they could borrow our ‘spread’ to photograph as it looked so good! It turned out that they were all the way from Holland and had seen Peggy’s Instagram so simply had to visit (I don’t blame them, the cake is totally addictive as well as the decor).


On our exit, of which the queue outside was already growing in the morning sun, it was lovely to see that there were also many Easter goodies to take away. Bunny biscuits, a marzipan egg jar, a cookie gift box and an Easter bunny basket were enough to satisfy all ranges of sweet teeth, although we curbed ourselves with just a few pretty biscuits.

Visiting Peggy is always like a pastel pink dream come true- where time stops still, where the customers sit relaxed and comfortable, and where it is always acceptable to eat as much cake as you want for breakfast! I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend a morning.