Perfect red lipstick application

A Step By Step Guide: Perfect Red Lipstick Application
Discover all the secrets to the perfect red lip! With endless finishes and shades to choose from, red lipstick can be an instant confidence boost and a head-turner everywhere you go. Check our top beauty tricks and learn how to get a flawless red lip every time!

How To Apply Red Lipstick
Wearing red lipstick without smudging, smearing, bleeding and feathering seems like a bit of a challenge. But practice makes perfect, just follow these steps and enjoy a bold red lip on every occasion.

The Prep Step
The perfect results can be achieved only on a smooth canvas. And it is easier than you might think! Just exfoliate your lips regularly (at least once a week) for silky smooth and supple lips without dry flakes.

Hydrate Your Lips
Another important prep step is nourishing your lips with hydrating oils. This step smoothes the lip lines for a more seamless lipstick application. Your lips will less likely flake and the lipstick will last much longer.

Find Your Perfect Shade
Finding the flattering shade of red immediately uplevels your make-up game. The perfect shade should embrace the beauty of your skin tone without making you look and feel “overdressed”. It can also make your teeth look whiter.

We highly recommend trying the virtual mirror on, an easy-to-use and free virtual tool that helps you play around and try all the shades of red in the comfort of your own home.
● If your skin has cooler undertones, opt for purple or blue-toned reds.
● Warm undertones should reach for orange-tinted reds.
● Neutral skin tones can choose from both, but they look best in vibrant, true reds.

Now is also time to choose the right finish, you can go for sheer, glossy or matte lipstick.

Beauty tip: Reach for the long-wearing lipstick formula that lasts as long as possible and needs less maintenance during the day.

A Nude Base
Before applying the colour, apply a little bit of your foundation to your lips first. This step allows the red colour to be true and last longer.

Outline your lips
To make your red lips look absolutely perfect, precision is required. Outlining your lips with a lip liner is the key for lipstick to look seamless and prevents the colour from bleeding into fine lines around your lips. Just pick a shade that matches perfectly your lipstick.

Bring The Red Lipstick
Once your lips are nicely outlined, swipe on the red lipstick of your choice. Make sure to not go outside the lip line and create a nice and even layer of lipstick. You can either apply the lipstick from the bullet or use a lip brush for more precise application, especially in the corners of the mouth.

Beauty tip: Apply one layer of the lipstick and then blot it with a tissue to remove any excess colour that did not stick to your lips and may get on your teeth later on. Then add a second layer of red colour. This trick helps to set the look for all-day wear.

Clean it up
Some smudging and smearing can happen during the lipstick application. So once the lipstick and lip liner are applied, use a make-up brush and apply concealer outside your lip line to clean up any mishaps.

The top secret to perfect red lips is a good application. Master the artistry of wearing red lipstick with stunning and natural results every time!