perfect skin for valentine's

The perfect valentine treat…. Every lady loves a bit of good skincare.

Wrinkles and fine lines come hand in hand with age and during the winter months, our skin inevitably becomes more dull and dry. French skincare brand Institut Esthederm has the answer to all your age correction woes with their varied ranges: Lift & Repair, Active Repair and their Excellage range. The French have always been market leaders in skincare - and Esthederm doesn't fall short on keeping that reputation up. 

By nourishing the epidermis with gentle Camellia oil, packed with omega 3-6-9 and relied on as a hero ingredient in top Asian skincare, Excellage restores bounce and shine - visibly restoring and smoothing out texture and locking in luminosity. The technology - Global Cellular Protection - neutrolises free radicals, protects skin from photo-ageing and environmental aggression. 

Add Lift and Repair to your routine and you'll have an anit-wrinkle cream that helps detox and smooth. Get rid of tiredness and feel fresh for you Valentine treat - whether you're staying in or going out! 


Institut Esthederm Excellage Range