Plastic free sanitary products at the click of a button

With growing awareness on the incredible damage plastic is doing and has done to our environment, aiming for a more responsible sanitary health is high on many women's lists of priorities, but finding the time to track these environmentally friendly products down can be too time consuming for a busy woman. Plastics in santary products are bad for our bodies and can cause irritiation and illness. Now, we can access plastic-free sanitary products at the click of a button. 

Periods have never looked this good with Mondays,, the newest and only completely plastic-free, organic cotton period subscription service. Delivered straight to your door in Instagram-worthy blush and teal packaging made from moulded paper pulp from renewable forests, this is one period product that’s too pretty to keep under wraps. 

The first organic cotton period subscription service to be 100% plastic free, Mondays has even removed the plastic tear strip from its delivery boxes and made sure the usual plastic backing found on menstrual pads is replaced with compostable Mater-Bi® backing.

Four-minute Mondays

With a one-time registration at the click of a button, shopping for period products that are good for you and the planet has never been this easy.

Women use an estimated 11,000 period products over the 450 periods they’ll have in their lifetime - most of which are single-use plastic which takes hundreds of years to break down. And with the average woman spending over 350 hours shopping for period products in a lifetime - the four minutes it takes to register for Mondays is time well-spent.

Completely customisable

Each Mondays’ Box is completely customisable, allowing you to pick the right mix of period products for your unique cycle. Choose from three organic cotton, plastic-free products: menstrual pads (in two absorbencies), applicator tampons (in two absorbencies) and panty liners.

Your monthly box is made up of your own unique combination of 25 products, chosen by you to match your flow, and is set to be delivered on a personalised subscription cycle. Have a 21-day cycle? No problem. Or maybe it’s 36-days? Mondays will match you and send out your boxes to suit, meaning you’re never caught short again.

The right kind of convenience

Nancy Saddington, Mondays co-founder, comments, “Too often our love for convenience – as with single-use plastics - damages the planet and our own health. With Mondays we wanted to create the right kind of convenience that actually supports women and the natural world.

“We founded Mondays so women can save time in their busy lives but still shop responsibly and sustainably, with a simple four-minute registration to set themselves up. If the average woman spends 350 hours shopping for period products during her lifetime, we’d much rather see her spend that time chasing her dreams instead.”

Elisabeth Dewey, Mondays co-founder, also comments, “Traditional period products are not just made of cotton and cellulose as many believe, but rather environmentally harmful polyethylene, polypropylene and superabsorbent polymers that do damage to the planet -for more than 450 years - and breakdown into microplastics that enter our food chain.”

One Percent for the Planet

Nancy continues, “At Mondays we put our money where our mouth is. We’re part of the ‘One Percent for the Planet’ movement set up by the founders of Patagonia and Blue Ribbon Flies, meaning that 1% of all our sales from day one are donated to environmental non-profit organisations.”

Pause and opt-out whenever you want

Subscribers to Mondays’ service can pause or opt-out at any time, without being tied into sign-up contracts. Delivery is free across Europe and beyond, and each 25-product box costs around £13.50.  As Mondays is based in Switzerland the prices are currently in Swiss francs (CHF 17), with the up to date £ and € prices displayed on the website for reference.

Be part of the growing group of environmentally conscious women who expect more from their period products by signing up to Mondays.

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