Post Brexit pet fakeation

People want to go on holiday with their pets: has seen a 70% uplift in UK searches for pet friendly hotels year on year

  • But who won’t let the dogs out? Brexit that’s who: 75% of UK pet owners didn’t know that pet passports were at risk post-Brexit
  • Doggy staycations are therefore on the p-up: With pet passports hanging in the balance, 51% are more likely to holiday in the UK with their pets
  • But it’s okay, Europe will go to the dogs: has launched Euro Pup Fakeations, themed pet stays so you and your dog can still enjoy European destinations without leaving the UK

London, 2nd April 2019: Pets are the new jet setters. Year on year,® has seen a 70% uplift in searches* for pet-friendly hotels and almost a third of British pet owners have taken their four-legged friends on holiday with them (31%)** – to two countries outside the UK on average. Despite cats and ferrets being eligible for pet passports, unsurprisingly it’s our canine companions who are most likely to go on vacation

Yet, 75% of British pet owners didn’t realise that EU pet passports could soon be a thing of the past for UK pets, meaning it will be a lot harder to take our pooches abroad. This would be ruff for more than a third of owners (34%) who see it as a big pet peeve.

To avoid pet FOMO, has launched the first Euro Pup Fakeations so dogs and owners can pretend they’re holidaying in Europe while relaxing in the UK. So, if Brexit doesn’t go in your pet’s favour, your pooch can still wear its beret in ‘Paris’, ‘see’ the Trevi fountain in Rome or enjoy a beer (toy) as if it was in the heart of Munich – all while at South Place Hotel in London’s own Liverpool Street.

Pets are key to our holiday planning. 39% plan their holidays around them and 31% take them on holiday with them. If pets are left at home, 16% of owners admit to buying a holiday present for their pet, one in 10 have FaceTimed them while on holiday and the same number have packed a photograph of their furry friend in their luggage.

When going away with their pet, there’s no room in the suitcase for the owner’s clothes. Instead the packing list includes their pet’s favourite food (76%), favourite blanket (64%), accessories (47%), a separate case just for their pet’s belongings (21%) and even their favourite TV programmes on phone/tablet (12%).

If pet passports go post-Brexit, we are likely to see a jump in staycations in the UK with 51% of pet owners saying they will swap the vacay for the staycay so their pet can go with them.

Over half (57%) also want to see more pet-friendly hotels introduced in the UK.

Adam Jay, President of brand, said: “We can see why owners are barking mad if pets lose their European passports. But fur-tunately, it’s not the end for the pet vacation when you can staycation or even fakeation. Pet-friendly travel is on the rise and we have lots of great accommodation on offer for you and your pooch to enjoy. Remember your dog needs a holiday as much as you do.”

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