The Private House Groom

If you are passionate about horses, love the outdoors and are comfortable working hard then working as a groom could be your dream job. 

As a private house groom, you are more likely to be the single groom looking after the horses on a day-to-day basis and as such you’ll most likely be offered live-in accommodation. You can expect to work early mornings, late nights and weekends – like many of our roles this is a vocation, not just a job! 

Apart from the obvious passion for horses, you will have to be strong both physically and mentally. Working with horses requires real dedication and stamina. You could be up at the crack of dawn on a freezing winter morning mucking out stables and cleaning tack for four horses. It is a lifestyle for only the most dedicated horseperson. 

Daily routine would involve exercising the horses, preparing for and attending competitions and events or helping with family’s chosen horses if children / Principal are attending equine events. You will need to notice if a horse is unwell or injured and quickly ensure treatment is sought and carried out by the yard’s regular vet. If you already have experience in breaking horses and dressage or show-jumping this is obviously an added benefit for many clients. 

The general routine of a groom involves the further following duties:

  • Mucking out stables and sweeping yard, mucking out paddocks 
  • Noticing quality of field / arenas (check with Yard Manager)
  • Feeding and replenishing water for all horses 
  • Ordering feeds and checking and booking in dates for vaccinations and checks (check with Yard Manager)
  • Grooming and maintaining shoes, clipping and trimming coats 
  • Cleaning tack and checking rugs and equipment are safe and clean

Salaries start at around £20,000 for a full-time role.

Are you interested in a career as a Private Groom or Yard Manager? Please check our jobs board here for our latest vacancies, or call our recruitment team on 020 38579945.