Raspberry brownies

A new book celebrates some of the delicious nibbles you can make to accompany the very British tradition of afternoon tea
There's an art to making the perfect gooey but crunchy brownie. The gooeyness is all about timing, so using a thermometer takes the guesswork out of getting it right. The key to the crunchy top is whisking the eggs until they are foaming and hold air bubbles and, even more importantly, using the freshest eggs you can find. These brownies also work well using gluten-free flour.

◆ 300g butter
◆ 300g good-quality dark chocolate
◆ 5 eggs
◆ 400g caster/granulated sugar
◆ 30g unsweetened cocoa powder
◆ 150g plain flour or gluten-free flour
◆ 200g fresh raspberries
◆ 50g caster/granulated sugar
◆ Freshly squeezed juice of ½ lemon

1. Place the raspberries in a bowl with the sugar and lemon juice in advance. Stir, then leave to infuse for 30 minutes or longer.
2. Preheat the oven to 120C fan/140C/280F/gas 1.
3. Place the butter in a saucepan and melt over a low heat. Once the butter is fully melted break the chocolate up into individual pieces and add to the butter. Leave for a few minutes, then stir together to form a thick chocolate ganache. Leave the sauce to cool for about 20 minutes.
4. Place the eggs and sugar in a large mixing bowl and whisk using an electric or hand-held whisk until thick, smooth and creamy.
5. Add the chocolate sauce and the cocoa, and whisk to combine the ingredients until the mixture is thick and even. With a wooden spoon, fold in the flour until the mixture is smooth. Place the soaked raspberries in the brownie pan and carefully cover them with the brownie mixture (if they poke through the top they will burn).
6. Bake in the preheated oven for 20-25 minutes. The brownies are cooked when the mixture has a core temperature of 90C/195F - they should still have a little bit of a wobble. Cool for 30 minutes at room temperature. To slice

◆ The Art of Afternoon Tea: Tradition, Etiquette and Delectable Recipes for Teatime Treats will be published on 25 June by Ryland Peters & Small, price £11.95

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