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Brew Lovers Encouraged to Join the 'Tea-volution' with Launch of 30 Alternatives to Standard English Breakfast Tea this #NationalTeaDay

As the nation gears up for what is widely acknowledged as 'the most British day of the year', the creators of National Tea Day are putting the spotlight on the women behind the UK's most loved drink with the launch of 30 brand new alternatives to the traditional English Breakfast brew

Established in 2015 to formalise the British affinity with the cuppa, #NationalTeaDay was immediately recognised as an important date in the calendar by tea-lovers up and down the UK. Now, every April 21st, the nation's favourite drink is put centre stage, with tea drinkers sharing their love for the comforting beverage associated with cosy evenings, elevenses, afternoon celebrations, first-thing-in-the-morning rituals and many other age-old British traditions.

This year, The Tea Group - creators of National Tea Day - have responded to the results of their survey which revealed that more than half of Brits now prefer a herbal or other leaf based tea blend over traditional English Breakfast tea, with the official launch of The Ladies Tea Collection.

The collection features brand new blends of tea from eight inspirational female tea leaders across the world, including:

Sakura Green Tea - a vibrant and creamy blend by Saeri of Chill Tea Tokyo
Premium Black Tea - a rich and malty flavour from Jess of Jersey Fine Tea
China Green Tea - a refreshing and smooth oolong from Maria of New World Tea

A brand new Elegant Earl Grey Tea - a rich and robust flavour from Darcey of Darcey's Tea Co

Dawn Tea - a sweet and rich blend by Kate Moss's Cosmoss
Opus Raw Pu Er Tea - an elegant and robust brew from Carole of Teaspec
Organic Turmeric Chai - a spicy and fragrant tea from Vishaka of Tea People
Dubai Chai - a spicy and robust blend from Noreen of Tribe Tea


Proud to have created the world's first network dedicated and committed to helping women working in the tea industry, Managing Director of The Tea Group Díaz Ayub said: “We are simply delighted to be launching our exquisite Ladies Tea Collection on National Tea Day 2024.

“Women are integral to the production and dissemination of delicious teas across the globe and we feel it is paramount to the evolution of the industry that these fabulous tea entrepreneurs, tea activists and tea growers, pickers and blenders are given the praise, backing and investment they deserve.

"For more than 400 years, tea has been an intrinsic part of British life. The ceremony of making a cup of tea is shared across cultures, ages and post codes - and at its core there is a very special 'coming together' over a shared pleasure. This National Tea Day we want all the tea-lovers to think about where their favourite beverage comes from, and to appreciate the women behind their beloved drink."

The Ladies Tea Collection has been created to give back to women working in tea plantations, tea businesses and tea cultures. Females constitute 65% of the world's tea consumption, and it is females who are largely responsible for the careful planting, delicate picking, processing and packaging of tea.

50% of all profits from the Ladies Tea Collection will be collated and donated to enhance education, health-care and sanitary services for females in tea, the world over. The Tea Group is in the process of creating The Ladies Tea Foundation, which will give back to these women in tea ongoing. Next year, to mark National Tea Day 2025, the organisation will announce how much has been raised from the Ladies Tea Collection and how the funds have been donated.

Diaz added: “Our new selection of teas has been curated in direct response to the survey of more than 2,000 people we conducted last year, which revealed that the traditional English Breakfast tea was fast becoming a second or third choice since 2019 when it accounted for 85% of sales in 2019 according to a Unilever report. In 2024, tea lovers are opting for new wellness and mindfulcentred teas amongst an ever-growing selection of delectable teas.

"The teas in the Ladies Tea Collection, from Kate, Carole, Vishaka, Noreen, Maria, Jess, Saeri and Darcey are an eclectic mix, speaking to all preferences, moods and tastes. We can't wait to hear how our customers and followers enjoy sampling and pairing these gorgeous teas and to see the impact of the Ladies Tea Collection on the women behind the magic of these beautiful flavours, who work and live in the tea-growing communities."

The Ladies Tea Collection will be officially launched on National Tea Day 2024. Available to purchase online at The Tea Shop and served in luxury retailers and hotels around the world.

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The Tea Group is an inclusive community of tea enthusiasts and experts, revolutionising the Teatime experience. It works with leading luxury hotels and hospitality groups including The Dorchester, The Savoy, Shangri-La, The Mandrake Hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Waldorf Astoria Hotels and One and Only Resorts around the world. The group's mission is to help develop people's perception of tea, cold brew and herbal infusions, working with luxury brands to providing immersive, interactive teatime experiences that go far beyond the traditional brew to embrace wellbeing, sophisticated food pairings, and cocktail mixology through engaging tea events, workshops and campaigns both in-person and online.


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Established in 2016 by The Tea Group, National Tea Day takes place annually on 21st April, The Queen's official birthday, to raise awareness of tea and its very special place in British culture. Celebrating all things tea, National Tea Day has now become the top trending hashtag on the day itself, accruing billions of media impressions every year.