A real lifesaver

Every 11 seconds in the UK an older adult has a fall. This is worrying not only for them – especially if they live alone - but their families.
Help is at hand thanks to the Assure wristband by Acticheck, which will give everyone peace of mind and reassurance. It was developed by Karl Gibbs, Acticheck’s founder, and is made in the UK. He realised there was no suitable protection for his elderly mother, who wanted to continue living an independent life.
Assure is a wristband alarm that offers uninterrupted protection, is simple to use, and looks modern, rather than like a medical device. It is designed to ensure that users can maintain their dignity while offering a high level of support. Assure won European regional development funding and has been recognised with major international design awards.

All-day security
As well as SOS buttons and fall monitoring, Assure’s unique features include ‘I’m OK’ checks. A family member or carer chooses times of day for the band to buzz, and the wearer confirms he or she is all right by pressing a button on the band. It is designed to be worn 24 hours a day, is water-resistant and has a battery that lasts for a year. Among other features are daily ‘up and active’ messages – the wristband will send a daily email to a nominated friend or relative when it has detected the wearer is moving.

Constant touch
With the user’s permission, you can monitor their activity. The readout shows if the user is wearing the wristband, staying active and sleeping well. It also tracks room temperature and sends an alert if the temperature drops too low.
A smartphone app can link a family member or carer to the Assure seamlessly, as long as the wearer has their phone nearby In the event of an alert the Assure uses the latest internet technology to phone your chosen family, friends or neighbours – connecting you just when you need it.

Assure to the rescue
Audrey, 76, from Penrith, has used an Assure wristband continuously for the past three years. She says the device, with its multi-purpose features, has given her back her freedom and independence.
‘It gives me complete confidence that help is at hand if I need it,’ she says. ‘I live alone and my daughter bought the Assure for me after I had got stuck after slipping in the shower. I couldn’t get up for several hours, leaving me with a much more severe injury.
‘Recently, when I broke my arm in a domestic accident, my neighbours couldn’t hear me shouting for help and I couldn’t reach a phone. The Assure alarm instantly alerted my daughter, and she called an ambulance.
Replacement batteries are sent out annually or whenever the band detects a low battery, and they’re easy to replace even with very weak fingers. It’s a truly wonderful device.’ 0345 2575 080

Pictures: Adobe Stock