Recipes: Tantalising tipples

Group Beverage Director, Luis Simoes, has crafted a cocktail list to mirror the grandeur and brilliance of the new club. The list includes a number of daring twists on classics and innovative infusions, with each club member able to adjust to their liking and have their specifics remembered for each time they visit. 

1. Devil In Her heart 

Method & Glassware: On rocks, with a ball of ice, stirred

Garnish: With dry pear cactus, green tea flicks, lemon flicks


40ml Tanqueray 10 Gin

15ml Atago Matsu Sake

20ml Green Tea & Pear Cactus

5ml Citrus Juice

4 drops Green chartreuse

Lemon oil on top

2. Serpent’s Bite

Method & Glassware: In a martini glass, stirred

Garnish: With olive oil, 3 drops of colour


50ml Patron Reposado Tequila

15ml Tokaji Sweet Wine

20ml Rambutan, Kafir Syrup

3 drops Chili oil

3.Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Method & Glassware: With rocks, chunks, crushed ice on top

Garnish: With orange twist, eucalyptus, anise star, thyme. Rosemary in the middle


25ml Cachaca (Novo Fogo)

10ml Mezcal

50ml Araza & Bacuri Falermum

10ml Lime juice

3 drops Creole bitters

Tasting notes: rich, fruity, spicy


4. Golden Allure

Method & Glassware: With block of ice, shaken

Garnish: Serve with popcorn basket hanging on the glass


40ml Hennessy Fine Cognac

A handful of Roasted Coconut & Popcorn

10ml Rye whiskey

5ml Orange infused maple syrup, using the zest from 3 oranges

1 drop of Tonka bitters

5. Love Seeds 

Method & Glassware: Champagne glass

Garnish: With kiwi cube coated in chia seeds, hanging on the skewer together with mint leaf


10ml Tanqueray Gin

20ml Kiwi & Chia cordial

10ml Lillet infused with Cherry Flower

1 drop Cherry bitters

Top up with Champagne

6. Citrus On My Garden

Method & Glassware: Champagne glass

Garnish: Serve with star anise on the stem of the glass


10ml Vodka

20ml Madeira with Lemon & star anise syrup

10ml Cooked lemon juice

Top up with Champagne

7. Fresh From The Tree

Method & Glassware: Champagne glass

Garnish: Roll the cucumber into a circle and then stick on the glass with a stick


10ml Vodka (Babicka)

Borage, cucumber, white pepper corns and plum syrup

Annabel’s Dry Vermouth Blend

10ml White vermouth blend #2 1:1:1 (Balsazar white, Contrato Bianco Lillet Blanc)

Top up with Champagne


The new Annabel's is now open at 46 Berkeley Square.