Red Lipstick has been Named the Top Iconic Beauty Look of All Time

Red Lips
Winged eyeliner, red lipstick and smoky eyes are among the most iconic beauty looks of all time, according to a new study by Superdrug. Researchers have revealed the top 50 best beauty trends of all time, as well as uncovering the most popular beauty looks.

A bold red lip has been the calling card of iconic beauties over the years from Marilyn Monroe to Scarlett Johansson, so it’s no surprise that classic red lipstick has been voted the number one iconic beauty look. Taylor Swift is famed for her winged jet-black eyeliner which came second in the poll, while Keira Knightley’s simple and sophisticated take on the smoky eye received the third most votes.

The most popular hair trend is the long wavy curls favoured by the Duchess of Cambridge, along with the beehive, the bob, French braids and the pixie crop. Other hair-do’s to feature in the top 50 iconic beauty looks include the perm, Farrah flick, blunt fringes, the high bun and cherry red hair.

Sarah Gardner, Superdrug Head of Beauty, which conducted the study of 2,000 women said: “Women’s beauty and fashion changes from one day to the next, but as this survey suggests, there are some beauty looks which will go down in history as being the most iconic. “Makeup trends such as having red lips and smoky eyes will always be ones women fall back on as they suit so many people.”

Some of the best makeup looks highlighted in the list are nude lipstick, glittery eyelids, like those first worn by actress Kristen Stewart, and pastel eyeshadow. The study shows the average person will change the cut and style of their hair every three or four years – and the bob is the most tried and tested cut, which has been sported at some time by 56 per cent of women.

When it comes to experimenting with new beauty looks, 53 per cent of women will make a change when they’re bored with their current choice of make-up. A further 32 per cent try new looks when feeling old and dowdy, while 15 per cent are inspired to make a change after the break-up of a relationship.

New fashion trends, celebrity hair and make-up crazes and friends getting a new look encourage many women to try something different.

Sarah Gardner, Superdrug Head of Beauty continues: “The top 50 iconic looks is a real mix of vintage favourites such as 1940s classic red lipstick and Victory rolls, Farrarh flicks from the seventies and 1980s specials such as The Perm. “But it’s great to see some real modern classics in the list such as Ombre hair and glitter nails. “Our best sellers are a mix of the latest looks and the old classics and we’re always looking for the new modern trends which will become tomorrow’s iconic beauty must-haves."