Retirement property - Making your new home a haven

You might not have space for all your possessions when you downsize, so we asked an expert for her top tips on de-cluttering

Sarah-Jane Eddon, the chief executive of Home Professional Organisers (HPO), spent over 20 years in the fast-paced and glamorous world of the media as an executive and consultant, working alongside some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.
Following multiple house renovations, and time spent studying interior design at the renowned KLC School of Design in Chelsea, she has swapped the bright lights to pursue a long-term passion - creating calm, organised and beautiful havens.
Working alongside her are a team of like-minded, passionate organisers, led by her friend Anna Harrison. Here, Sarah-Jane shares her tips for sorting out your stuff.

Take it step by step
Focusing first on small, manageable tasks will make the process of de cluttering easier. Start with a single area, such as a drawer or cabinet, and set aside some dedicated time to tackle it. Gradually expanding your efforts will boost your confidence, empowering you to conquer larger spaces. By embracing a measured approach you will gracefully transform your home into a serene, clutter-free sanctuary.

Lose the spares
Downsizing requires you to identify redundancies within your possessions.
Areas prone to duplication, such as cutlery, crockery, cookware, towels and bedding, and stationery, demand a meticulous edit. When bidding farewell to items you’ve been holding on to for years, keep the goal of de-cluttering at the forefront of your mind. Ask the questions: ‘Do I need it or want it?’, ‘How often do I use it?’.

The art of editing
Start by creating four piles: Keep, Sell, Recycle/Donate and Discard. This allows you to swiftly assess each item, considering its relevance and necessity in your life. If an item has languished unused for three months or more, bid it farewell. Platforms such as Vinted, eBay and Facebook Marketplace offer lucrative opportunities to sell, or you can make a meaningful impact by donating well-preserved items to charity shops or generously giving them to friends.

Sort out storage
When it comes to buying storage solutions, we advocate resisting the allure of hasty purchases until after you have categorised your belongings. This approach allows for a thorough assessment of your storage needs. By assessing your real requirements you can curate a cost-effective system that exemplifies organisation and elegance. Wherever possible, opt for storage solutions crafted from sustainable materials such as bamboo or cotton.

Wardrobe wisdom
When it comes to clothes there are a couple of simple tricks. Start by choosing a time frame - say three months - and then turn all the hanger hooks to face the same way. When you return a garment to the wardrobe after wearing it, reverse the hanger hook’s direction. After three months, any hooks that haven’t changed direction indicate items that can be sold or donated. This ingenious approach will undoubtedly simplify your dressing process and help you keep track of your clothing choices effortlessly.

Here to help
At HPO we understand the profound impact of an organised home on mental health and overall wellbeing, and the challenges of downsizing, in particular.
We also fully recognise that our clients often face time constraints, and that’s where our expertise comes into play. Our mission is to help you achieve a tranquil and stress-free home life by catering to your specific needs.
By embracing the art of organisation, your living space, whatever its size, can become a sanctuary of tranquillity and comfort - a place that nurtures creativity, rejuvenates the spirit and brings serenity to your home.

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