Review: The Angel Therapy Rooms, Islington

A massage is the perfect way to unwind after a long week
On a horrid rainy day, with a cold to boot, a luxurious massage is the perfect way to relax.

Once a Victoria townhouse, the space has been lovingly restored and is now home to the Angel Therapy Rooms.

Specialising in holistic therapies and massage treatments, the experts are on hand to tailor tailor treatments and therapies to your exact needs.

Soaked through thanks to the rain and feeling incredibly bunged up thanks to a cold, I opted for the Luxury Hot Stone Pamper for my visits.

Lasting two hours it would involve a full body scrub and hot stone massage. I couldn't wait.

Entering the spa, you head straight downstairs. With no view of the outside world, despite being in the heart of busy London, it's easy to forget the rain and packed tubes and buses (not to mention grumpy commuters) of the capital.

After filling out a standard medical form I made my way to the treatment suite to be pampered.

Paper pants on (why do spas always only do one size?! Some of us have large posteriors!) I couldn't wait for my treatment.

Before the scrub and massage even started I already felt relaxed, which I have no doubt was thanks to the heated massage bed. I literally could have fallen asleep.

I have exfoliator at home, but I must admit I am a tad lazy so it just sits with my other products gathering dust. And now I don't think I'll ever use it because it just won't live up to the treatment I had. The full body exfoliation uses the spa's signature rose petal scrub which smells delicious. Luckily after showering it off before my massage the smell stays.


Never having had a hot stone massage treatment before I wasn't sure what to expect. When the stones made contact with my skin, at first it was like when you get in a bath that you have run a tad too warm.

That feeling that of "oh my gosh this is too hot my skin is going to fall off!", but after a few seconds you get used to it and everything is fine.

Once you've gone through that first initial feeling you will find that it's probably the best massage you'll ever have.

Obviously this is in part thanks to the excellent masseur too!

And this is where the fact that all treatments are tailored to each person comes in. noticing I had a cold a face massage was also thrown into the mix. After not being able to breathe through my nose for the past week, being able to smell the oils, and white simply, just breathe through my nose, was the best feeling ever.

Treatment over I reluctantly got off of the heated bed and headed home (obviously remembering to get dressed before leaving!). At £160 for the luxury treatment it isn't cheap, but if you have been stressed it's worth saving up and treating yourself.

If it is beyond your budget there are a number of other treatments available, including seasonal treatments in the outdoor space, which should tickle your fancy.

The Angel Therapy Rooms: 020 7226 1188