REVIEW: Browhaus

by Katrina Schollenberger

Out of all beauty routines, I have a tendency to neglect my brows. Dark, thick, and totally mismatched to my natural hair colour since I was small, I’ve approached my brows in a variety of different ways. Tweezing, waxing, tinting…I even committed the ultimate sin of pulling my eyebrow hairs out myself to try and add shape.

I was invited to head to Browhaus on South Moulton street off of Oxford street  to see a beauty therapist about my catastrophic brows that, might I add, had grown out alarmingly since I last tended to them.  Recently I’ve converted to threading- and by recently, I really mean over the past few months. I don’t know what took me so long (I think I was always afraid of the pain!) but threading has not only changed my brow outlook, but my face shape too.

Immediately the therapist pointed out how my brows were totally different shapes, and which shape I preferred. The left had always been slightly thicker and ‘curved in’ than the right, which was more shapely, thin and ‘curved out’. Pointing to the right eyebrow, the therapist sighed a relief, and explained how matching the right shape to the left brow would be much easier. I leaned back on a comfortable chair with a bright vanity light shining over my forehead as the therapist went to work threading. The process took less than 15 mins- I was even allowed to pull the skin above and below my brows out to ease the sharp pull of the thread.

A few tissue dabs of my teary eyes later (a natural reflex), my brows have never looked so shapely and – dare I say- perfect. All the pesky extra hairs whisked away, everything felt smooth and looked so aligned. The therapist added a minimal amount of brow crayon where a tiny patch of arch was missing before rubbing cooling aloe gel on the sensitive skin that had been threaded.

Browhaus do a range of brow treatments beyond basic threading including Browography (Shaping + Color Tweak) and Brow Resurrection aka semi permanent eyebrows. Lashes are also a service they offer, from cluster extensions to strand by strand extensions. All at very reasonable prices, I won’t hesitate to book my next thread through Browhaus, with such convenient locations too!

Rating: 5