Review: Champneys at Tring

By Annette Kellow

The name Champneys is synonymous with luxury. Ever since 1981, they have been the inventors of the getaway well-being retreat that city dwellers love to escape to while Mrs Dorothy Purdew (now 86!) is still very active in the business and all that it stands for.

Set in sprawling grounds with grand fountains and well-kept gardens, Champneys at Tring is one of the UK's most well-known spas, leading the way in expert treatments. It has been transformed from a stately home originally owned by the Rothschilds (which still holds all of its classic English charm) to a state of the art spa which includes a marine wellness centre, spa treatments, fitness and more.

I was there for a day of pampering and rejuvenation and on arrival was immediately welcomed by friendly staff who brought me one of the iconic white fluffy Champneys bathrobes (which I couldn’t wait to get on!) and then whisked away for the grand tour. The venue is luxurious and decorated in an elegant and chic style but without any stuffiness- indeed I revelled in how you can keep your robe on all day should you wish and leisurely wander around! The spa itself is absolutely huge so the tour was definitely needed. It holds jacuzzis, two fitness studios, shops, a swimming pool, gym, a tennis court and of course their famous spa that they are so well known for.

From massage and facials to wraps and scrubs, there was something for everyone to revel in their carefully-crafted list of dreamy treatments – which includes brands like Carita, Clarins, Elemis and Jessica. I prepared to relax and unwind with utmost dedication as I picked out the Beautiful Bumps package and a Collagen Gold facial.


I was taken through to a quiet tranquil treatment room and given a massage using the Champneys Shea Butter designed specifically for blossoming bumps. It involved a back, arm, leg, foot and scalp massage which sent me into a bliss-like state (and almost fast asleep too!) Massage benefits many areas of the body whilst helping to ease tiredness, improve circulation and relax the muscles in your lower back.

After all that hard work of relaxing it was time to take a break for some lunch. The Art Deco style restaurant was spacious with banquets and tables looking out onto the vast green lawns. The lunch is a suitable mix of fresh salads, sides, hot seafood, meat, vegetarian main courses and some not too naughty desserts (I fully recommend the healthy cheesecake!) Well, as I have an appetite the size of an elephant at present I tried a mix of salad and main and afterwards leisurely strolled (or should I say waddled) to have the Collagen Gold facial which Champneys is so well known for.

The Collagen Gold Facial is something skin often loses out on- hydration with the infusion of collagen and involves a refreshing mix of cleansing, exfoliating followed by the collagen gold mask suitable for all skin types (which looked a little futuristic but felt very calming on the skin). This was also followed by a massage.

I must admit I am a huge fan of reflexology so when my therapist asked me what massage I would like to try whilst my mask was working it’s magic I had to pick feet of course!

Many of their treatments can be tailored to your time at the spa and my guest (my mum) gave me the full report on her Citrus Blush treatment. She has dry skin so the Citrus Blush is designed specifically for hydrating and gives a full body uplifting experience, including a tension-relieving back massage and hot stone neck and shoulder massage. After being scrubbed, cleansed, massaged and slathered in beautiful Champneys products there was only one thing for it- head to the gift store! Here you can buy the actual products they use on you in an array of sizes and sets. I instantly bought the Shea butter but not sure my massage technique on myself will quite cut the Champneys level at home. And as my mum said on leaving the grand doors of Tring, "It’s hard work being so pampered!”

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