Review: LVL lash lift and tint at Browhaus

Rating: 4.5

Long lashes are a universal symbol of beauty- they open up the face and make your appearance more youthful. I’ve had lash extensions in the past in effort to achieve this, but never a lash lift. When I was invited to try the LVL lash lift and tint at Browhaus I was intrigued as to how the results would differ from lash extensions.  I knew I’d be in good hands, as I’ve reviewed their brow treatments previously, so I agreed.

Browhaus and their sister company Ministry of Wax have several branches across London, but I was visiting the Chelsea store above the Wanted Man café on the Kings Road.  The treatment takes around 45 mins to an hour total, so expect to settle in for a while. The ambiance of the salon was nice and calm as my therapist talked me through the stages of my lash lift.

Firstly, she cleansed my eyes of any makeup and residue with eye makeup remover and cotton pads. Then my bottom lashes down were stuck down with sticky pads that sit just below your waterline to protect them during the treatment.

Then, a curl shield was applied to my eyelids and my lashes were pressed around them using bonding formula (that-warning- smells quite interesting!) and a small metal tool. This would look strange to onlookers, but it is not at all a painful process, just an usual sensation to have your eyes closed for so long. Lifting balm was smoothed on to break down the disulphide bonds in the lashes that determined their shape. Then lifting gel was applied, and once removed after 10-15 minutes, a yellow volumising fix cream was applied the same way to repair the disulphide lash bonds to secure the shape you desire (the curve of the shield).

The last 5 minutes of the treatment involved tinting to add colour and depth, making your lashes appear fluttery and ‘doe-eyed’. Shades come in black, blue-black, and brown. I opted for blue-black as that was the colour that most resembled having mascara on. Once tinted, my therapist removed the shield, wiped away any excess dye and brushed my lashes into shape. From that moment, I’ve rendered myself an LVL convert. Having had no previous knowledge of what LVL was or how it would look, I was very surprised to see such long, dark, permed lashes looking back at me when the therapist handed me the mirror.

Lash lifts last for around 4 weeks, and I’ve found myself having days where I don’t need to use mascara with a full face of makeup. They are more natural and subtle than lash extensions, which often give you a 'full glam' look. If you’re seeking to try the LVL treatment, or just looking for a new place to go, let Browhaus take care of you!

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