Forget chasing cars – Lara Jo Regan’s portraits reveal that what dogs really want is to ride in the front seat
Dogs-in-Cars-Oct17-02-590Chulo, a dapple Chiweenie

Photographer Lara Jo Regan likes dogs. In fact, she loves dogs. So much so that she dedicated herself to a distinctly doggy pet project: capturing canines enjoying the unbridled thrill of riding in a car.

Dogs-in-Cars-Oct17-03-590Reem and Rasheed, two Salukis

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t long before her dynamic photographs of dogs leaning out of windows, the wind in their fur, became a big hit on the internet – and her snaps have now been brought together in a colourful picture book.

Dogs-in-Cars-Oct17-04-590Ernie, an Airedale Terrier

Times may occasionally get a little ruff , but her portraits are delightful reminders that life really is good.
Dogs-in-Cars-Oct17-05-590Pickles, a Pit- Sta ordshire mix

Dogs In Cars, by Lara Jo Regan, is published by Countryman Press, priced £13.99.

Dogs-in-Cars-Oct17-06-590Diego, a Miniature Schnauzer