Secrets and Lies

By Ben Felsenburg

As mankind has known at least since the days of the dramatists of ancient Greece, they’re two of the most powerful emotions of all: a sense of injustice and a crying need for vengeance. Both are summoned up in abundance in the riveting new four-part dramaInnocent (Monday, ITV, 9pm).

The story begins with the sensational release of David Collins (Lee Ingleby), who has spent seven years in jail for the murder of his wife Tara, until the case against him collapses on appeal. Tara’s sister Alice (Hermione norris) – who, with her husband Rob, has been raising the dead woman’s two children since their father was imprisoned – is deeply shocked, and so is police detective Will Beech (Nigel Lindsay), who remains adamant that there are no other suspects. But now the investigation into the murder must be reopened by a new officer, while David declares he wants nothing more than to be back with his children, who in turn are horrified at the prospect of the reunion.

What makes this such a compelling watch is the uncertainty sprinkled over every character, and the twists and turns of the story. It’s impossible to know who to believe, not least thanks to the wonderfully unreadable performance by Ingleby, who you’ll remember we all wrongly suspected of being a murderer when he played the husband of Thandie newton’s corrupt police officer in last year’s line of duty. I’m not saying innocent is quite up to that high bar, but it’ll do for now.