The Single Mums Business Network

The Single Mums Business Network, was created to help members gain exposure to their businesses, whilst raising awareness of the need for Governance and Policy Change around flexible working.  Many parents and other primary carers find that, with certain time restrictions they face barriers to work, specifically work in line with their skillset and pay scale.   Not wanting to accept relative poverty as a penalty for being a parent, single parent or primary carer means that many ‘choose’ to set-up a small business or work freelance / in self-employment.  

In the knowledge that single mums have limited support and a very short time-scale in which they need to grow their business to such a degree that they can draw a full-time wage, and have enough money in the business to sustain and grow, the SMBN is dedicated to helping these women raise awareness of their business.  If you visit the website and look in the member directory, you will find a diverse range of skilled and qualified women offering products and services, to enable them to enjoy parenting, and financial independence.

Some of the things you can find are, personalised silver keepsake jewellery, for pets or people.  Interior design and bespoke curtains, virtual assistants, life coaches and permanent make-up artists.  Dog walking, personal stylists and lettering artists.  We have HR professionals, translation for the education, legal and journalism sectors.  We also have a food safety professional, solicitors and financial advisors.  Whatever it is you are looking for, please visit our member directory, including our ‘friends’ of the SMBN, who support us whilst also gaining exposure to their businesses.  The directory is growing so please do check regularly or call head office on 01452 471819 if you would like help in finding somebody to help you.

Last year when founder Julie was having a coffee with a friend, discussing the SMBN, the friend asked Julie ‘what is a virtual assistant’?  ‘Patsy’ Julie said, ‘I have been your virtual assistant for years!’ ‘You call me to help you with anything administrative, whether creating ap poster for your business or sending your daughter flowers, that is somebody assisting you virtually, on the end of the e-mail or telephone.’ It was after that conversation that Julie realised that we may not have connected the correct support, with the right audience, and so she pledged to help her members find their audience, and she does this via in-print advertising, exhibitions, direct mail and on-line SEO.

Many women would love the sanctuary of a salary and pension, and most SMBN members worked full-time for ten or twenty years before becoming single parents.  Had they been able to return to work for pro-rata hours without a reduction in salary scale they would not have needed to apply for financial assistance, or find a way to make work work, without sacrificing precious parenting years whilst determined to remain financially independent, or achieve financial independence.   As Covid-19 keeps our children home for the foreseeable future, it is so important that we sustain and increase our client base, to protect us from expectant and almost socially accepted hardship.

The SMBN is a National UK Network of Women in Business who are doing all that they can to reduce stigma and dispel misconceptions about Single Mums being workshy and their children struggling due to their status, we have happy, healthy, intelligent children and the SMBN network will form a strong, long-term allegiance to ensure that they have great opportunities and support as part of the SMBN.

Tel: 01452 471819