Smart ways to get off the smartphone

By Teresa Gwilt, Founder of

There are many advantages to having a smartphone. But there are downsides too, like how much time we waste mindlessly scrolling through social media for hours on end. Most smartphone addicts wish they had the mental strength to kick the habit. One way to escape the lure of the smartphone is to distract yourself by doing something else. So, the next time you find yourself reaching for your mobile, here are a few of the things you could be doing instead.

Arts and crafts

There is no better way to take your mind away from the distraction of a smartphone than applying yourself to something creative. It doesn’t have to involve papier maché and a load of empty toilet roll tubes, simply picking up a paintbrush or pen and seeing where it takes you can be a great way to stop yourself being sucked back into your phone. It will also improve your creative thinking, exercise your brain and help you relax. 

Do some baking

Not only is baking fun to do but the results can be delicious and totally worth the time and effort. The only downside is the clean-up. And who knows, one day we may even see you on Bake Off. You don’t know until you try.

Read a book

It’s so satisfying to finish a book. Reading can be a great distraction from day to day problems, and it helps you to wind down, fires up your imagination, broadens your knowledge and boosts your brain power. Once you’re a few pages in, you’ll discover a whole other world to experience and you’ll forget all about looking at your phone.

Get fit!

Exercise is a great way to apply your mind to something more worthwhile than your phone. You can workout at home using DVDs, YouTube or any fitness plans you know of, even go for a run, or head to the gym and discover all the amazing equipment on offer and a whole team dedicated to helping you get the most from it. Not only will this keep you off your phone, but you’ll also pick up some great habits and get fitter in the process.

Spring clean

Relaxing in a tidy environment can be incredibly therapeutic, so put the radio on and smash through the housework or make a start on de-cluttering. Then sit back and admire your handiwork – and yes, it’s fine to feel a bit smug. 

Pamper yourself

Why not treat yourself to a candle-lit bubble bath, have a face mask or paint your nails? It’s a chance to unwind and spend a bit of quality “me time” taking care of your body and mind. You’ve earned it.

Play a board game

Board games are a fun way to spend a few relaxing hours that would be otherwise spent doing nothing or just looking at your phone. You’ll need more than one person for this one, but why not dust off the Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit and challenge your nearest and dearest?

A mobile phone can be a great way to take your mind off life’s little problems or fill up time when we’re bored. But it is also important to be able to put the phone down, have a break from the screen and give more of your time and attention to you and those around you. So, give these tips a try and just watch your phone time drop.

Or, at the end of the day, you could just cosy up on the sofa with a good film and a Muffie – with your hands tucked up inside there will be no way to fiddle with your mobile, which is sometimes the smartest thing to do with a smartphone.