St-Germain London Cocktail Week Yoga Brunch

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By Annette Kellow

It’s 9 AM on a Monday morning and I’m in my yoga gear, bright and breezy, at the Bourne and Hollingsworth buildings in Clerkenwell. I’m feeling slightly nervous as I haven’t exercised for a little while and our session is about to begin. Normally the restaurant is full of tables which host Bourne and Hollingsworth's famous boozy brunch but today it has an altogether different look with dozens of yoga mats laid out and fresh juices served at the bar.

In celebration of London Cocktail Week, St-Germain has created a week-long cocktail events experience and I’m privileged to be there for the very first one.

We start with a few stretches with our teacher Camille Ralph Vidal who is definitely a yoga inspiration with her flexible moves. She is non-intimidating though and helps the class with their poses as we go through some slow, gentle and relaxing moves and a few more high powered ones. My favourite part was the meditation at the end which definitely gave me a little more Zen- just lying on the yoga mat almost sent me to sleep! Cam is a St-Germain’s Global Ambassador  as well as a yoga teacher and is hosting many events throughout London Cocktail Week.

After this we are ready to go into the greenhouse, which consists of lots of hanging ceiling plants and vintage tableware’s, to try their healthy brunch with a very special start- a St-Germain cocktail! Yes, it’s Monday morning but why not! St-Germain is all about balance, living well and enjoying life and I can’t think of a more perfect excuse to celebrate.

Bourne and Hollingsworth is a beautiful setting to hold such an event in and has a classic heritage feel about it. With cocktail bars in the West End and a large multi-faceted clubhouse, bar, restaurant and cookery school in Clerkenwell, B&H has earned a strong reputation for conceiving and creating beautiful and original interiors, with a keen attention to detail and a unique and singular aesthetic. They also do the best Saturday brunch in town, and with their cocktails added into the mix, it makes it an elegant all-day affair!

Our food arrives on large platters and is a mouth-watering combination of smashed avocado on toast, chia seed and berry pudding, St-Germain infused smoked salmon, courgette fritters and apple porridge pots.

As it was being handed around we were allowed to help ourselves and I tried the whole menu (of course I had to!) whilst chatting to the other attendees around me which were an interesting mix of food bloggers, recipe authors, writers, events company owners and more. It made me realise how health, food and drink are now combining and taking centre stage with people being interested in the balance in life. After all, a little bit of what you fancy does you good!

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