The Stylist: Armand Beasley

The party season can wreak havoc with your skin and general wellbeing, but there are easy ways to help you rejuvenate

Too much partying, not enough sleep and lots of stress are pretty much mandatory for some people during the build-up to Christmas. Then January hits and everyone is chanting the ‘new year, new me’ mantra, joining the gym, downloading the latest nutrition programme and throwing themselves into Dry January.
The pressure that we put on our bodies shows in our skin. It’s our largest organ and ends up getting such a beating, not only from our often hedonistic lifestyles but also from the environment. Wind abrasion and central heating are not a great combination, plus some people’s consumption of water really dips in the winter months as we yearn for warmth. I still try to drink two to three litres of water a day, but don’t always get there so I try to compensate by increasing my caffeine-free herbal teas - I’m slightly addicted to the Pukka Radiance blend.
When it comes to skincare, this may be a good time to add a nourishing oil under your moisturiser, or perhaps invest in a night cream. Weekly face masks can be a great addition to a more nurturing routine, and there are several excellent ones, such as Voya Renewal Eyes Organic Seaweed Masks (£32 for four pairs, or SKINRG’s Collagen Boosting Face Mask (£39.50/100ml,
This month I thought that I would recommend some products to help your skin, but also some tips that have helped me look and feel better during these harsher months.

1. Visit a sauna or steam room to help you relax. They are also great after a gym workout or if you suffer with sinus congestion or poor circulation.
2 Add some magnesium or Himalayan salts to your bath to help sooth and revitalise your body.
3. Revise your vitamin and mineral supplements by having your blood analysed to see if anything is lacking.
4. If you suffer with hyperpigmentation you can tackle it with laser treatments, and the winter months are the perfect time to do it.
5. Reduce your caffeine intake - it’s a diuretic, so can dehydrate you.

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