The tablet that makes tech easy!


Technology is central to our lives, yet are you sometimes left wondering why it cannot be easier? That’s where the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 easology comes in....


Designed with ease in mind, this Samsung easology tablet makes the latest technology available to all. Find clearer layouts, easy internet browsing, larger text, big icons and much more.

Stylish, Sleek, Powerful

Perfect for searching the internet, video calls, watching videos, social media and much more. This superfast tablet has a large 10.5” screen, is WIFI enabled, has large storage capacity and a long-lasting battery.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 easology delivers market-leading performance with all the latest features, in an easy-to-use tablet. This unique tablet is exclusively available from the easology store for £229.99 (and comes with a free stylish case).

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