Tanning Tips for Mature Skin

by James Harknett, Fake Bake’s Global Creative consultant

The beauty of self tanning products is they are created for all skin types. The last 17 years I have spray tanned woman from 18 to ladies in their late 70’s. The main issue that has been fed back to me time and time again is that older woman are concerned that the tan will highlight fine lines and wrinkles and most importantly they feel it darkens age spots, especially on hands. This can sometimes be true as the tanning agent can pick up and empathize these spots which are caused by sun damage over the years, but here are some tips for the tanning doyenne. 

1) Is body prep vital for a good tan?  Yes! The trick is here is not to use a heavy duty scrub. It’s important to smooth out the skin, especially drier parts of the body like elbows, knees, ankles and feet. The best scrub to go for is Fake Bakes coconut body polish. Smooth gently over the body to prepare an even base for the tan to cling to evenly. Concentrate on the drier areas mentioned and do this the morning or night before you tan. Then avoid any body lotion or oils on the skin. 

2) Do I moisturise all over before tanning ? This is recommended time and time again but this is what can cause a streaky tan. Any moisturiser on the body can thin out the tan, so that why I recommend moisturising sparingly on just the dry areas. Dab around the ankle bone, over the feet and on elbows and knees, to prevent the tan appearing too dark on any age spots or pigmentation. 

3) Now it’s time for you to apply your fake tan lotion,fIf you are new or slightly nervous about getting it wrong I recommend a gradual tan to start. These are self tanners that contain less tanning agent, and are created for the user to build up their colour. These are products are also beneficial to a more mature skin as they don’t include a guide colour, which can sometimes highlight lines and wrinkles, especially on the neck for instance. If your skin in partial for dryness I even recommend applying a thin layer of your normal day or night moisturising cream to keep the skin hydrated and avoiding a taught feeling on the skin. 

4) Can I tan my whole body or just areas that I showing ? Yes and this is what many woman do all year round. Fake Bakes award winning Coconut Tanning Serum ticks every box for mature women. This lightweight serum has a natural golden guide colour, allowing you to smooth the tan effortlessly across the skin. By applying with a tanning mitt you instantly see where you have tanned, thus avoiding any streaks or blotches. This product is especially popular with older ladies as it not only hydrates the skin, it contains Hylaronic acid, celebrated as the ‘fountain of youth’ because of its ability to plump, moisture and cushion skin. The serum is also ideal for custom blending with your facial moisturiser for a gentle sun kissed glow. If it’s just legs you like to see golden, than this is this is also ideal as the lightweight formula doesn’t sit in pores on the legs, avoiding that speckled look. 

5) Will the tan disguise age spots or thread veins? It won’t disguise them but a gentle warm colour over the body does reflect attention away from them and help the skin appear more visibly even. My top tip for age spots is use a cotton bud and gently dab a little moisture over any darker spots, this will help neutralise the tanning agent from grabbing to dark. 

6) Will the tan go patchy after a few days? No, as long as you moisturise the body after showering. Try and avoid any hot soaks as this can loosen the colour prematurely. Pat dry the body and take particular care around the neck and décolletage. If you normally use an oil on the body, opt for a natural oil such as L’Occataine Almond supple skin oil. This hydrates tanned skin and is particularly effective on the chest area in keeping the tan nourished on the body.