Tea Time Glamour at TWG, Leicester Square 

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By Annette Kellow 

Tea is the most perfect past time and such an elegant form of relaxation. I also believe it is the ideal place to chat (O.K, well gossip), put on your finest frock and while away a long tea-infused afternoon. So imagine my delight at being invited to the launch of TWG in Leicester Square who have just opened two London tea stores and restaurants.

There are over 800 teas available. What did you say? I hear you cry. Yes, over 800! And you can pick any delicate flavours you desire combined with the amount of caffeine to compliment each other. I picked a very floral rose tea which I was allowed to try beforehand and this was then whisked away to be put into a chic yellow box by a tea expert. Each expert is acutely trained for over a year and certainly knows their tea to help you find the perfect cuppa. Tea innovator Taha Bouqdib pushes the boundaries with the design and craftsmanship of ranges such as the TWG Tea Haute Couture Tea Collection®, composed of teas sourced and blended to suit the trend of the season and to showcase an excellence of content and packaging. 

I was there to be treated to an afternoon of tea tasting and was taken upstairs to a chic table, overlooking Leicester Square. But the afternoon tea had a twist - there were hot dishes included! I couldn’t resist but try a Croque Salmon (a rather high profile toastie) which came out looking so pretty ('That's what I call art!' I declared). I was ashamed I devoured it quite so fast but I used the excuse of lunchtime. Next was a green tea matcha cheesecake layered with chocolate emblem and a choice of macarons (I ordered chocolate, chocolate and er, more chocolate). The tiers were enough to fill you up nicely whilst not being overladen with food whilst the restaurant itself is full of plush armchairs and intricate oriental wallpaper. Our waitress also kindly helped with the choice of teas. In fact I dubbed it ‘the bible of tea’ as there were so many to choose from but she had a wealth of information but guided me through by asking which was my favourite and we went from there. TWG celebrates their 10-year anniversary and 70th opening and the location is perfect for relaxing, eating and enjoying a chic and elegant afternoon- I will most definitely be back to indulge!