Top 10 Fitness Tips

Vanessa O’Brien is a Guinness World Record Holder as the fastest female to climb the Seven Summits in 295 days. In 2016, Vanessa will attempt to become the first British woman to successfully scale and descend K2.
Schedule fitness into your calendar (at the start of the week for that week)
Treat workouts like you would any other appointment in your day

Be honest
Why are you working out? Stress maintenance, weight loss, increasing serotonin, having a great body, competing in sports, something else? There are different workouts for different goals so make sure you tailor your workouts to meet your goals.

Vary your fitness to cover all bases 
There are three key areas I feel are important - cardiovascular, strength and core and one I think we should focus more on – stretching

Think of food as energy
Try to eat less, more often throughout the day. Remember that adage “Breakfast like a King, lunch as a Prince, Dinner like a Pauper. “

Don’t work out on an empty stomach.
If you workout at night, try to eat an hour before and have a snack after. We all have something we don’t like about our body. You have three choices here. Therapy, surgery or focus on the thing you like about your body. I suggest the latter; as it will save you lots of time, money and mental anguish

Beware of overtraining.
I see it with marathon runners and even yoga enthusiasts. Less can sometimes be more. Everyone needs a rest day, sometimes two.

How much do you know?
Do you know when to use high reps and light weights vs low reps and heavy weights? Do you know what interval training is? Aerobic vs anaerobic? Are you motivated to workout alone or do you need a personal trainer? Evaluate your knowledge and decide if you need a ‘coach’ and how often.

Location. Location. You have your home and work – now you need Fitness. Pick a nice place to workout in, where place you don’t mind going to up to five days a week. Which means it should probably be close to work or home.

A bit of a kip is vitally important. Seriously, if you can work backwards to get seven or eight hours a night you could, should, would. It is, by the way, the second best beauty secret.

Which leads me to the first best beauty secret.
H20 or HOH. You know the one – that which makes up 70% of the earth’s surface and up to 60% of the human body? This is the key to beauty – especially balancing body fluids for digestion, absorption and circulation. Take a 1.5L bottle of water and finish that every day – no exceptions. If you are sweating or above 2,500m, you’ll want to drink more. For advanced readers, I take electrolytes and/or sports drinks with electrolytes like Gatorade, Powerade or CeraLyte.