Top 10 tips for Redecorating the home from Laurence Llewelyn Bowen

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen gives his top tips!
1 Get a skip!

2 Think about the intangibles - accoustics, smell, feel of the house.

3 Get a good pair of velvet curtains - like my 'Curtain Call' version from the new collection at They are eco friendly and the warmth they generate will cut your central heating bills by half.

4 Fitted carpet to keep the heat in and don't fear a patterned carpets, they can be very practical and can also bring a room to life

5 Ditch the beige!

6 When the days are shorter and there is less light clean your windows, it makes all the difference to the amount of light entering a room.

7 Don't always go for a feature wall they can often make a room look smaller. A good rule is to make sure that any feature wall is the one furtherest away from where you sit in a room so that it doesn't overpower your space.

8 Make sure your eyes aren't bigger than your stomach - ensure that your furniture proportions are carefully planned out before purchasing lager items.

9 Mirrored furniture - like my Scaramouche collection from Mirrored pieces reflect the light creating a feeling of more space in a room.

10 The secret to decent interior design is booze! A big, wet, cold glass of white wine!! You'll be amazed at how easily the colours come together!