Top tips on creating a beautiful flower display

Here at Posy & Posy, we can’t think of anything more lovely than a beautiful display of flowers in your home. So you’re not a florist, maybe a bit doubtful about your flower arranging skills, fear not, we have some top tips on how to get the right look for all of your upcoming occasions.

The Daytime to Dinner Table

Whether your table is round, square or a long rectangle, amber bottles on masse filled with beautiful blooms will never look out of place. Just like the little black dress, wear it casually with flats for a smart day look, then slip on some heels and favourite red lipstick and you are ready for dinner.

This first table arrangement is just as versatile, having friends over for a casual Sunday brunch? No problem, gather together a selection of mixed height and size amber bottles, Select flowers and foliage full of fun and colour, cut to different heights and place in your bottles.  There’s no need to overfill with flowers, sometimes a single sprig of gorgeous eucalyptus is just the ticket. Next, arrange to suit your table placement and shape, finish off with some foraged ivy wound between the bottles to complete a soft whimsical look.

Take this simple style to the next level by styling for a festive evening table.  Think shades of white coupled with natural drama and texture, scabiosa pods, cotton, acorn foliage, soft white Astrantia and plump white single or spray roses and chrysanthemums will all work wonderfully. Arrange as before, finishing with soft copper wire lights wound through the bottles for subtle mood lighting or raise the bottles to different heights on your favourite footed bowls or stacked leather bound books, add candles to create interest and impact.  To complete the look, pepper any remaining bottles on your mantle, hallway console and drinks cabinet to give a feeling of abundance throughout your home. At the end of the night, tie together a few mini bottles with some gorgeous velvet ribbon and give to your guests to take home as lovely natural Christmas decorations for their 

Super Centrepiece

Christmas day and everyone is around the table, why not complete the look with a gorgeous individual centerpiece?  Our personal favourite for this type of occasion is a large vintage footed bowl, but you can substitute for a decorative soup tureen or vintage gravy jug. Bold and structural, this lovely style will take pride of place when everyone is gathered around.

Arranging into this these types of containers can be a little trickier, but will be well worth the effort.  Take some soft chicken wire or an Easy Arranger and place into your vessel, this will hold all of your flowers and foliage in place, especially if the vessel is shallow.  Then cut your foliage down and start placing into the vessel to create a rough dome shape, the centrepieces of foliage should determine the overall height your finished arrangement will be. 

Next, start cutting your flowers to fill the dome shape, consider how your shape looks from all angles, placing some of your bigger flowers low down will make sure all of your seated guests will have a beautiful view.  Finally, check for any obvious holes or gaps n your design and fill these with foliage and flowers (maybe even Christmas baubles or sprigs of holly for a truly festive feel), then sit back, admire your handiwork and wait for the compliments to roll in.

Extravagant or subtle, monochromatic or colourful, no matter what style you favour, be sure to embrace the ‘you’ time spent creating truly lovely floral arrangements.

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