Top Tips on how to choose a restaurant for a date

64% of people claim that someone with a great taste in food is a highly attractive quality. Dating expert Caroline Brealey shares her tips on how to choose a restaurant for a successful dinner date.
There's some speculation that the art of the dinner date has been lost, but based on a recent survey from in which 64 per cent of people claimed that someone with a great taste in food is a highly attractive quality, it's clear that taking your date to a great restaurant is still something that can lead to romance.

Setting the scene for your date is almost as important as the smooth, witty conversation you'll need to bring to the table if you want to impress. Get it right and you're on your way to true love. Pick wrong and next time you'll find yourself ordering a takeaway for 1.

When choosing the perfect restaurant for your date, here are a few things you want to consider:

Are we talking candles and fresh flowers or ketchup and mayo bottles? Dimmed lights and whispering sweet nothings with a string quartet playing or bright lights, loud chatter and the top 40 blaring out? Pick a restaurant that sets the tone for your date and you'll be off to a flying start.

Going to a swanky French Bistro is all well and good, unless the thought of feasting on escargots fills your date with dread. Ask them beforehand if there's any particular cuisines they don't enjoy, that way you can steer clear and take them somewhere they can relax and enjoy the food. On special occasions like Valentine's Day many restaurants' offer set menus, call ahead and ask for a copy before making a reservation to be on the safe side.

Pick somewhere convenient and easy for you both to get to. Traipsing across town in the cold and wet weather is no fun especially when the ladies have spent hours perfecting the blow dry! Think ahead as to whether you'll be enjoying a glass or two of wine, if in doubt leave the car at home.

Whether you're looking for cheap and cheerful, glam and expensive or something in the middle there are plenty of restaurants for every budget. Be realistic and choose one that's affordable for you. Often you'll find sample menus and prices online which is worth checking out. Don't forget most restaurants add service charge and those cocktails can soon add up!

Shop around for restaurants offering a good deal to show your savvy side off and save a few pennies. Social media is a great place to start with many restaurants giving their fans the best deals.

Do your homework by checking out reviews on Bookatable from previous diners. Get a feel for the restaurant from their website and gallery; do the food pictures have you drooling? Nothing beats being told first-hand about a great restaurant experience so ask friends and family if there's anywhere they would recommend.

The Occasion
Match the restaurant with the occasion. Your favourite local burger joint might be perfect for a quick casual bite but if you're trying to impress go for something special. Special doesn't have to mean expensive. There are tons of great restaurants that have reasonable prices, a great atmosphere and good food. All you need to do is dazzle them with your charm and sense of humour.

Dress to Impress
Rocking up in jeans and a tee whilst everyone else is in their finest is not a good look. Always take into consideration the dress code of a restaurant and let your date know in advance. Make the effort to look good and you'll feel good.

Have a Backup Restaurant
It's a good idea to have a few other restaurant options up your sleeve in case something doesn't go to plan. Instead of looking like a rabbit caught in headlights when the maître d' tells you they don't have your reservation, you'll be cool, calm, collected and one step ahead. A sure way to impress your date.

Make a Reservation
Found the perfect restaurant? Make a reservation as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. On special occasions like Valentine's day restaurants can be booked up weeks in advance so don't leave

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